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OpenAI reaches $2 bn revenue milestone: Report


OpenAI reaches $2 bn revenue milestone: Report

In December, the artificial intelligence (AI) start-up OpenAI touched the milestone of $2 billion revenue, as per report.  


Based on the interest from business customers who are keen to use its technology to adopt generative AI tools in the workplace, the startup anticipates that it can surpass the figure by more than double in 2025.   


In December, the company’s annualized revenue topped $1.6 billion, up from $1.3 billion as of mid-October, according to the report. It is based on the success of its ChatGPT product.   


Investors have valued the San Francisco-based startup at more than $80 billion.


OpenAI chief Sam Altman is in talks with investors, including the UAE, to raise funds for a tech initiative to boost the world's chip-building capacity and expand its ability to power AI, among other things, as per a news daily.

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