Success of digital initiatives are judged by user experience 


Success of digital initiatives are judged by user experience 

Prasenjit Mukherjee, Sr. GM (Head IT & Digital), Jindal Water Infrastructure (JWIL)


Technology blueprint for year ahead
Spearheading the technology and digital implementation for JWIL, which is an Engineering Procurement and Construction organisation (EPC) it becomes highly pertinent to first design the framework aligned to business growth, futuristic roadmap and opportunities to optimise operations cost.

As our business projects are to be delivered on time, hence it is important to have robust project monitoring software, wherein monitoring progress is integrated with cost.

Visibility of the project from inception till completion through digital twins, Civil 3D, analytical dashboards in frontend and with digital project management application and ERP in backend makes a complete framework.

Further to roll out projects fast, focus is on SaaS and cloud hosted applications. Further not to forget the security solution encapsuled in such projects.


Latest technologies influencing growth
The Digital roadmap for us encompasses:

•  SaaS based applications            
•  Cloud hosting for compute and storage
•  Digital Twins and 5D models            
•  RPA for couple of business process
•  Bigdata and ETL for Business Development    
•  IOT solutions for Operations and maintenance
•  Information Security solutions            
•  Management Decision Support and Insights through dynamic dashboards
•  Digital project management application


Fortifying organization from cyber threats
The more we go digital and implement connected machines, the more we are prone to cyber-attacks. However, Information Security solutions have to go hand in gloves with all these implementations. The Information Security solution implementation has to be governed by strict policies, regular audits based on industry frameworks, managing user roles and rights and a continuous process of internal user awareness training.


Digital technologies aiding to win customer trust
Digital technologies implemented in a business are always intended to make the life of customers (internal & external) experiential. Customers or end users should have the ease of using and consuming the solutions without struggle. User experience will govern the success or failure of such digital initiatives. Once the user has the best of the experience the human productivity, business growth and customer trust for the solution goes high.

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