BlackBerry builds iOS of cars, focusing into automotive industry


BlackBerry builds iOS of cars, focusing into automotive industry

Modern automobiles are wildly complex, with countless sensors, electronic control units, buttons, inputs, connectivity and more. And they're all built by different suppliers but still need to communicate. That's where QNX comes in. BlackBerry QNX is the de facto standard for in-car operating systems. If a car were a smartphone, QNX is iOS or Android.


It's what connects all the bits of vehicle hardware so that the "apps" - everything from the speedometer to the tire pressure monitoring system - can talk to each other securely and reliably.


Grant Courville, BlackBerry’s vice president for products and strategy said, one of the guys in charge of QNX - puts it this way: “The consumer won’t ever see our logo. They won’t ever see our software… but we provide the safe and secure plumbing in the car.” In my conversation with Courville, he kept coming back to safety and security.


Volvo Trucks recently adopted the QNX platform in large part because the system comes precertified to many industry safety standards, freeing car companies up from expensive duplications of work that doesn’t differentiate them from other carmakers.


We don’t take over differentiation, Courville explains. We’re sitting quietly underneath all this, making sure whatever [the carmaker] wants to do, in whatever system, the safety and reliability will never be compromised.


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