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WhatsApp faces around ₹41 lakh fine in Russia for failure to delete 'banned' content


WhatsApp faces around ₹41 lakh fine in Russia for failure to delete 'banned' content

As per Russian news agency RIA, WhatsApp faces a maximum fine of 4 million roubles after Russia accused it of failing to delete banned content, citing a Moscow court. Although WhatsApp's parent company Meta Platforms was last year banned in Russia as an "extremist" organization.  Whatsapp has not previously been threatened with legal proceedings for failing to remove prohibited information.

According to the report, the specific details regarding the content that WhatsApp allegedly failed to delete were not mentioned. The administrative case against WhatsApp was initiated by Roskomnadzor, the communications regulator in Russia.

During the initiation of its military campaign in Ukraine, Russia implemented stringent military censorship regulations. These laws resulted in the imposition of fines on various technology companies, including Google, Wikipedia, and Discord.

The instant messaging app is reportedly in the process of redesigning the message menu for Android, as per information from WhatsApp development tracker. The redesigned menu is expected to have a resemblance to the context menu found in WhatsApp for iOS. This update will allow users to conveniently select actions for a specific message. The upcoming message menu reveals five options displayed below the selected message: Delete, Forward, Reply, Keep, and Info.

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