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Aruba positions itself as the leading provider of next-generation networking solutions


Aruba positions itself as the leading provider of next-generation networking solutions

Prakash Krishnamoorthy 
Director - Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company


Network as a Service (NaaS) is becoming a top priority for organizations worldwide. Its demand is quickening, driven by shorter planning cycles and network management concerns. This is what sets Aruba ahead of the competition; the brand is keen to jointly share this move in customer mindset, and build further on it, in 2022.

Aruba aspires to position itself as the centralized and next generation one-stop platform providing networking solutions for enterprises of all sizes worldwide. With products like routing, SD-WAN, and edge-to-cloud security, Aruba has taken ‘ease of use’ to a different level. To provide personalized and progressive experience, it makes sure that the technology is unconventional and innovative. What differentiates Aruba further from others is its forward-thinking innovation with over 18 years of expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI).  

Aruba does not innovate to meet the “v” version. Rather, its mantra is Customer First, Customer Last. Aruba started with “People Move, networks must follow” when everyone was hooked to a cable and a desk, thus breaking the barrier and taking its customers to the next journey.

To provide superior experience, Aruba goes above and beyond by maximizing the value of customer’s investment in any Aruba solution through optimization, compliance, and adoption. Instead of following the ‘one size fits all’ approach, it uses the dedicated ‘Aruba Customer Experience Management’ to tailor the solutions for each customer unique to their business environment and objectives.

Aruba enables customers to reduce their operational risk, and accelerates return on investment on the technology as its products come with a lot of Artificial Intelligence (AI) inbuilt into it. To further enhance the experience, Aruba is using cloud and related technologies to make its portfolios extremely self-reliant, and responsive that will ultimately minimize human intervention.

Aruba always advocates “The Network is the BEST LINE of Defence”. With Vanishing perimeter, Sophisticated attacks, Vulnerable IoT it is imperative to move into Zero-trust instead of adaptive security. As a result of the surge in cybercrime and growing recognition of the significance of digital security in terms of national cybercrime, security and privacy are given utmost importance in Aruba. Aruba Zero Trust Security ensures that home or remote workers are subject to the same security measures as campus or branch networks.
Aruba has further developed innovative security strategies for the rapidly changing landscape that is necessary to comply with hybrid work, increased digital transformation and IoT-driven business models by –

Adopting holistic security: Zero Trust is defined in a variety of ways. Complete visibility, authentication, policy-based access authorization, and attack detection and response are the essential implementation components that are offered by Aruba
Eliminating VLAN Sprawl: By utilizing user and device identities, Zero Trust with Dynamic Segmentation establishes role-based IT access permissions that are enforced by the network infrastructure, regardless of how or where the connection is made
Integrate security ecosystems: More than 150 third-party security products are integrated with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager. When users and devices use the networks, those solutions are updated, automatically altering access privileges in response to problems discovered by our partners


It is the era of digitalization under Digital India. Having said that, we boldly say, Digital is past, SMART is present and Autonomous is FUTURE. We are ahead and ready to build Autonomous India – “Naya Bharat”.
According to a report by the Niti Government, with a growth rate of more than 50% in exports and 40% in the entire information technology (IT) industry over the previous five years, the Indian IT software and service business has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors in the Indian economy. IT has improved governance by making it more competent and accessible, in addition to accelerating the growth of the country’s economy. This has led to access to government services and information becoming more convenient and affordable.

The Indian economy now heavily depends on the IT sector to grow at an exponential rate and create millions of jobs. Aruba, being a leading provider of next-generation networking solutions, is also taking measures to support the Indian government’s Make in India and Digital India practices.

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