Leveraging digital transformaaon to boost innovaaon & create robust outcomes


Leveraging digital transformaaon to boost innovaaon & create robust outcomes

SAIRAMAN MUDALIAR, Co-founder and Director - Pentagon System and Services



Digital transformaaon is an expediion for every industrial verrcal to integrate digital technology and achieve beeer EX (Employee Experience) & CX (Customer Experience). Pentagon has connnually endeavoured to create enhanced processes and help companies foster. What makes Pentagon unique? - Pentagon's approach towards embracing new technologies and providing remarkable soluuons. We have driven ourselves to deliver our promise and sustain efficiently. - Equipping companies for internal and external changes in culture and operaaon.



Being one of the early adopters of new & significant technologies like Cloud compuung, HCI, cybersecurity and much more, digital transformaaon for all was always first. With enhanced processes & excellent skilled professionals, Pentagon successfully added value to the market & met its customer's needs. Conversaaon with customers were on a mullfront aspect comprising of two main operaaon lines: - Digitally transforming their IT - Security and authenncaaon of users Pentagon worked as an MSP, constantly upgrading itself in soluuons like hyper-converged, cloud, AI, ML, and security services to make business operaaons run smoothly. For digital operaaons to thrive cybersecurity and beeer conneccvity are paramount. New technologies have spearheaded & been drivers of change, these forces of change affect the growth dynamics. As the profound effects of challenges come forth, Pentagon strives to create value, become innovaave, and devise robust outcomes. Addiionally, it is encouraging vendors to foster these advances. These progressions are potennally liiing the trajectory of produccvity.



Increasing the global footprint to provide customer support & efficient delivery centres. During the ongoing pandemic & post phases, the company managed to remotely help customers & their employees from Tier 2 & 3 ciies. Goals are essennally set to accommodate the dynamic market trends, to raise revenue in both soluuons & services through mullple services like cloud, cybersecurity & much more. The nooon involved creaang unique frameworks and supplemennng a personal touch as consultants to consistently posiion the best products and services that rightly fit the bill. Witnessing traccons encircling factors such as anchoring up a streamlined remote working environment, business connnuity & data proteccon.


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