Digital Transformation, an ongoing process empowering partners to monitor their businesses


Digital Transformation, an ongoing process empowering partners to monitor their businesses

Vishnu Kumar Bhandari 
Founder Chairman & MD, Supertron Electronics


Digital Transformation Agenda
The impact of global pandemic, forced a major shift in business operations and the buying patterns of the consumers. The adaptability to this dramatic change is inevitable for all organizations. It’s evident that in this new world, technology is not a choice, but a fundamental business strategy that must be interwoven into every part of an organization. Transformation can enable better collaboration within and between organizations, more personalized ways of customer engagement, higher employee innovation and productivity, and more accurate insights from data, all of which help a business grow and give it a better chance of thriving post-pandemic. 

Customer buying behavior has changed. Consumers spend a lot of time searching & evaluating on line products before any buying decision. Even if they opt for offline purchase, they first check products online. Therefore, it is inevitable for every organization to have a strong digital interface in the form of technology, marketing etc. to support the business. Supertron has invested in the digital transformation in line with the changing needs of the market. Supertron Electronics is one of the leading IT distributors of India having 20+ brands in its portfolio with a presence in over 26 states through 38 branches. Supertron is renowned for its best industry practices, experienced team and a strong reach in Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities.

Tech-savvy industries
Digital transformation is a continuous process to improvise technology adaptation. Apart from implementation of ERP for years now, CRM & Business inelegance are other tools, which improves the digitization and digital usage of its employees. These initiatives have contributed to the company’s efficiency and effectiveness.
Customer experience is an important aspect of every business. With digital innovation, the company has poised to give its partners an experience, which would help them to get all information about their business on fingertips; it is an ongoing process to empower its partners to monitor their business with it.

Adoption of Digital Best Practices
Flow of information is another key area in today’s business environment. Keeping that in mind, the company is working around ways to implement digital transformation, which eventually help its partners to keep updated with new products & technology. It has implemented various marketing initiatives and used digital platforms to communicate to the partners. The company has associated with few agencies to support digital marketing initiatives apart from in house activities. The company also supports its partners with localized support for active participation in digital marketing.
Its active social media activity has increased substantial followers in the last two year continuously increasing. The company does extensive product campaigns for its associate brands & response is quite encouraging.


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