Apple to discontinue IPods after 2 decades of its service


Apple to discontinue IPods after 2 decades of its service

Apple has officially announced the end of iPods after 20 years. The company has officially announced that it will discontinue manufacturing Apple iPod going forward. However, users can buy the latest iPod touch model until the existing supplies last in Apple stores.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the launch of the iPod to the world in 2001. Through its two-decade journey, the iPod came in various shapes and sizes starting with the pocket-sized iPod classic with a click wheel and the final iPod touch, which will be on sale till supplies last.


Apple released dozens of versions of the iPod over the years, but the product was gradually eclipsed by its other devices, especially the iPhone, which led the company to begin phasing out models in 2014. In 2017, Apple stopped making its smallest music players, the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.


The increased functionalities on smartphones subjected the iPod to the diminishing utility principle. In addition, the advent of fast, cheap internet, alongside music streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Prime Music, etc meant substantially narrowing use for the iPod.


Apple has sold an estimated 450 million iPod devices across models since it was launched. Apple sold an estimated 3 million iPods last year, compared to the 250 million iPhones it sold.


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