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OpenAI offers GPT-4o, a faster model available to all users at no cost


OpenAI offers GPT-4o, a faster model available to all users at no cost

GPT-4o, a faster and more sophisticated AI model, is made available to all users by OpenAI for free. This momentous unveiling coincided with the imminent Gemini release from Google. With its voice, text, and image capabilities, GPT-4o demonstrates OpenAI's commitment to innovation. Even though it is providing this effective technology for free, the firm intends to make money through content partnerships and paid services.


Chief technology officer, Mira Murati said, “We’re looking at the future of interaction between ourselves and the machines. We think GPT-4o is really shifting that paradigm.”


Among the updates that OpenAI revealed were improved quality and speed of ChatGPT’s international language capabilities, as well as an ability to upload images, audio and text documents for the model to analyze. The company said it would be rolling out features gradually to ensure they were used safely.


A live demonstration of the model's enhanced voice skills was also presented during the event, featuring two OpenAI research leads conversing with an AI voice model. Researchers told the voice assistant to talk with a range of different emotional and vocal inflections, and it came up with a bedtime narrative about love and robotics. Another example showed the AI model a math equation via the phone's camera feature, and ChatGPT's speech mode guided them through the solution.

Murati also stated that OpenAI was taking measures to prevent its new voice capabilities from being misused, the event provided little detail on how the company would address safeguards around facial recognition and audio generation.

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