DTDC Express undertakes a lot of security initiatives to keep intruders at bay


DTDC Express undertakes a lot of security initiatives to keep intruders at bay

Mrinal Chakraborty
Executive VP, Technology & Innovation - DTDC Express


Key priorities for 2021
“Being Digital” is becoming or already has become a key component. We work with business very closely and now with a 360 degree approach starting from on-boarding a customer, to serve a Customer, to satisfy them - all are being done digitally as the day and month progresses.
To name a few:-
●   To have an extensive online presence
● To become more social media aware organisation
●  To give digital experience through AI Based Cloud Call Center, ML/AI based BOT services at all touch points
●   ML/AI based Prediction at ops system
●   Complete mobility in core ERP
●   Secured environment for both customer and employee
● SSO, SASE based solution for all remote branches
●   Complete Hybrid Multi-Cloud environment
● Online BOT based commercial support system for customer
●   Complete digital solution for 12k+ channel partners


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
Despite pandemic a large workforce had to work on ground, keeping our logistics and transportation business in nature
●   For people working from office a lot of mobility is now enabled so that they can work from anywhere in case office becomes quarantined, a lot 
    of mobile computer is provide to facilitate the same
●   VPN was provided for people who needs to use Core Financial Accounting System
●   A very powerful EDR was already placed for Endpoint Security
●   Already a powerful Collaboration tool was in place in terms of Gsuite which had helped immense for collaboration while working from home


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Security is a major concern area which is being looked holistically, though there is nothing called end of opportunity to protect better.

1. To keep both external and internal perimeter safe and secured we have kept (a) separate external firewall (b) separate and different internal firewall which would make penetration a bit more complex (c) exclusive DMZ to keep intruders at bay.

2. For all endpoints and servers we have deployed state of the art, Crowdstrike EDR solution which has come of great use during this WFH

3. 24*7 SOC (Security Operating Centre) deployed and every log is being scrutinized for any lead on intrusion, this operates 24*7 round the clock.

4. Regular patch updates for Windows machines were done on a regular basis.


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