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New Edge Technologies making life processes easy


New Edge Technologies making life processes easy

Anand Ruhela, Head IT, Sikkim Manipal University


Technology blueprint for year ahead
All the projects in the organisation are planned as per the business needs and suitable solutions are identified accordingly to drive the business efficiency as the initiative of digital transformation using new edge technology.

As far as the agenda for the current year is concerned, we categorised all the project in three categories:

· Customer centric digital initiatives

 · Automation of core business processes

· Technology projects which are revamping of the existing technology architecture for cost optimization and  transformation existing IT landscape


Fortifying organization from cyber threats
In order to reduce the attack surface and hacking risk, we must understand the network’s security environment, which involves a careful, considered research project. An attack surface analysis will identify immediate risks and potential future risks. Following are the roadmap which may help in completing the attack surface analysis. Typical attack surface reduction techniques involve: Credential based access, routine clean-up schedule, update code, follow employee best practices for password, scan regularly the network to ensure health network.


Digital technologies aiding to win customer trust
The pace of digital innovation and adoption is often so rapid now that we as a customer can quickly become dependent on new tools, without noticing that they have become a part of their daily experience. We are increasingly relying on digital tools to make life easier, save money and time, enable them to work from home, or reduce their environmental footprint. Moreover, we use mainstream and emerging technology across multiple aspects of their lives and that has increased dramatically in the last year. The increasing dependence on digital tools both at work and at home is coming at a time when we as a customer are more worried about a wide range of economic and personal factors.


Reiterating the Brand identity 
Brand strategy can help you to plot your brand distinctively, a good brand has a clear focus, strong visuals, must be familiar with its target audience and is easily recognizable in a sea of similar brands. Innovation, use of advanced technology and emotional touch are some other factors which help in making your brand value distinctive.

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