The advent of the data decade signals huge opportunities for Dell Technologies


The advent of the data decade signals huge opportunities for Dell Technologies

Alok Ohrie
President and Managing Director
Dell Technologies India



2020 marks the beginning of what Dell Technologies calls the Next Data Decade, and there is no doubt that Dell is entering this era with high expectations of what technology can make possible, for how we live, work and play.
Dell Technologies’ ‘CIO Priorities’ Survey slated the key FY21 priorities to help its customers as follows   -
•    79% respondents indicated an increase in their IT investment for 2020
•     Products and solutions for the growth in data storage
•    IT infrastructure is the bedrock of digital transformation, giving businesses much needed agility to respond to market dynamics
•    Top areas of investment -
    o   Security
    o   Cloud
    o   AI / ML
    o   Enterprise Applications


Dell Technologies’ strategy continues to focus on the massive digital transformation wave, promising significant change in businesses across the country, both large and small. Dell Technologies looks to its partner with organizations on every account – be it transactional or strategic. This will enable the company to lead both, volume driven conversations (and thus scale), as well as value driven conversations. With the advent of the data decade, Dell Technologies with its vast product portfolio will tap into the opportunities with large enterprises as they saddle hybrid cloud conversations. Engaging with medium/small businesses is imperative too, as they start adopting digital transformation for driving effectiveness and growth for their businesses. Some of the most promising verticals that will undergo digital transformation are banking/finance, web technology companies (those on the growth curve) as well as engaging with the Government.



As it enters the Next Data Decade, Dell is optimistic and excited about what the future holds. The steps Dell Technologies customers will take in 2020, to get the most out of their data will set forth new breakthroughs in technology that everyone will experience in some way, whether it is through a more powerful device, faster medical treatment, more accessible education, less waste and cleaner air. The new breakthroughs and technology trends, which will set the tone for what is to come over the next 10 years, basis recent 2020 technology predictions, are -

•    2020 will prove that it is time to keep ‘IT’ simple
•    Cloud co-existence sees rolling thunder
•    What you get is what you pay
•    ‘The Edge’ rapidly expands into the enterprise
•    Intelligent devices change the way you work and collaborate
•    Innovating with integrity, sourcing sustainably


Security cannot be seen in isolation or as an ‘add on’ in any conversation. Cyber Security is an integral part of the experience for end users as well as data center managers. Security is taken very seriously and often bubbles up as a key consideration during boardroom conversations. Companies, therefore constantly need to maintain a strategic and tactical view on cyber security and how to mitigate the risks.
Edge devices are where the breach happens at most, hence having an integrated solution from a user experience, as well as manageability view point is critical for ensuring security operations.


The R&D setup in India is at the heart of Dell’s transformational journey that is fast fueling global growth. The India R&D team now contributes towards a full cycle of innovation on Dell’s future-ready enterprise solutions - Storage, Server & Networking.
With India moving towards becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2025, a huge potential is seen specifically in government and public sector, driven on the back of investments being made in Digital India. Dell Technologies has been pivotal to many mission critical deployments such as GST Network, Central Board of Excise and Customs, eTDS which are fueling digital financial prowess in the country. Critical citizen data initiatives like Aadhar have a large deployment of its storage and server products. National Informatics Center is the backbone of Government of India’s digital initiatives like eOffice, eTransport, and eHealth and Dell Technologies powers critical datacenters and cloud to enable this journey.


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