CSS Corp witnesses an accelerated growth by having embraced the ‘new normal’


CSS Corp witnesses an accelerated growth  by having embraced the ‘new normal’

Vivian Gomes
SVP & Head of Marketing - CSS Corp


CSS Corp has been growing at a double digit growth rate and its resilience during the pandemic has further accelerated this growth. It was among the first companies in the industry to move its entire workforce across 18 locations globally to a 100% WFH model in March itself, while also setting up a 100% virtual hiring, onboarding, and training framework. 


Consequently, CSS Corp grew its headcount by 15% in the April quarter this year. The brand has embraced the new normal and is leveraging cloud, AI, smart analytics, and intelligent automation across its client engagements to drive outcomes for them. It believes that the pandemic will accelerate the adoption of technology and insights-driven operational ecosystems for global organizations and IT service providers can add a lot of value in this journey. 


To create a strong brand presence in the IT services sector, it is imperative to balance out how an organization interacts with the external world through various channels – owned media, earned media and paid media. The brand of an organization is the sum of all the positive and negative commentary and perception about the company. 


It is important to understand that branding is not just a by-product of what the marketing function drives but a collective outcome of efforts of all employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. Hence, it is important to not just create the right ammunition that can be delivered through the official communication of the organization, but also empower and enable the larger ecosystem to function as brand ambassadors.


In the last 2-3 years, CSS Corp has emerged as the most awarded company in its revenue range in the entire global IT services industry, which is a culmination of some of the above philosophy coming together.


The evolution of technology has made it a consumers’ world today and customer experience is central to that theme. Inertia is the biggest impediment that prevents organizations from getting into the big league. There are enough examples of erstwhile industry giants vanishing as they could not innovate and adapt. CSS Corp specializes in helping its customers manage their customer engagement layer, whether it is by providing front office customer experience and support, or even managing the entire digital infrastructure that enables smooth customer interaction. 


CSS Corp’s home-grown outcome-focused solutions have helped customers gain step-function and progressive value realization by delivering world-class customer experience. 


The new normal of Work-From-Home for millions of business workers has introduced new threat vectors from a cyber security perspective. While these threats are not new, their scale is a matter of concern and a small miss can lead to catastrophic repercussions for organizations. 


Hence it is important to lay special emphasis on employee training and awareness around cyber security, not just in their workplace but also in their personal lives. The number of digital interfaces has multiplied to such an extent that sometimes people at large can fall into the trap of trusting a digital medium by default. It is important to have a zero-trust philosophy in organizations to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities.  



In this age of digital transformation, it is important to get the strategy right for success. There are umpteen cases of organizations investing dollars to join the digital bandwagon like their peers, but not realizing the results they had set out for. There are enough and more case studies in the market that one can learn from, so it is important to get the right horses for courses, who can execute the management’s strategic imperatives with right guidance from industry experts. 


The Digital India initiative is an imperative in today’s times as it can have a large impact on the masses in a relatively shorter timeframe. CSS Corp runs several CSR initiatives, such as skilling programs for rural youth to make them employable to participate in the digital revolution.



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