Google holding app developers to ransom: Paytm


Google holding app developers to ransom: Paytm

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CEO, Paytm said on the introduction of Google tax on introducing of newer norms to earn money, which is against the policy of the Government and having monopoly. The fight catches fire across the start-up eco-system as well as many companies who are planning for newer business.


An expert says, after strong penetration of the brand, they want to earn money . He further said, going forward, Google may implement, there will be a fees for the search also.


Recently Vijay announced, it has aimed to onboard one million apps on its new Android ‘mini app store’ in the next year or so, coinciding with the deadline for new Google Play rules, Mr. Sharma said, announcing a ₹10 crore “equity investment” scheme for mini app developers in the country.


We are saying repeatedly that we cannot have these big tech companies coming to court and saying your laws [Indian laws] don't apply to us... So, effectively as an Indian business or Indian app developer, I don't have a recourse, Sharma said.


A group of Indian tech businesses had also reached out to MeitY last Saturday to detail their concerns on the issue and seek government intervention.


An expert says, Indian digital goods will become even more expensive as start-ups will have to factor the 30% charge. This is almost like charging customers 30% of their wedding expenses every time a couple meets and weds through us. He further said that, Google was acting like a toll collector instead of trying to enable the ecosystem.


Sharma revelled that about 100 homegrown firms in opposing Google Play Store’s new norms mandating the use of its billing system after March 2022, which would entail app developers needing to pay 30% transaction fee for all digital goods sold via their apps to Play Store. The group also plans to form a united front against global firms such as Google, Apple and Facebook, he said.

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