Industry 4.0 – A Revolution with new Ecosystem


Industry 4.0 – A Revolution with new Ecosystem

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Technological advances change the way humans produce things & do services. The present steps into production technology, which is completely different from the past, is called the industrial revolution. The new production technologies fundamentally change the working conditions and lifestyles of people. We have witnessed a drastic change from the First Industrial Revolution to Industry 4.0 - the era of Industrial Revolution. The Fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, the advent of Internet of Things (IoT), and application of advanced technologies at production level brings new values and services for customers and organization. 

The smart world which is subset of Industry 4.0 is set to enhance everyday things with abilities of sensation, communication, computation and intelligence so that many tasks and processes could be simplified, more efficient, and enjoyable. Smart world ecosystem with enablers will be as follows –   


● Sensors
● Connectors
● Communication
● Data


● Solution Offering
● Go-To-Market
● Capability Integration

Output (4E’s)

● Enrich Customer Experience
● Enhance business growth
● Enable operational efficiency
● Ensure cyber security

Industry 4.0 Best Practices includes
● Define Objective
● Select Strategy
● Identify Requirements
● Investigate Current Landscape
● Design & Architect Solution
● Best-Fit Solution
● Proof Of Concept Implementation
● Review & Evolution
● Revitalization Loop

Industry 4.0: the challenges & Strategies
As Industry 4.0 continues to change the way we interact with the world around us, new challenges arise. Here are the main challenges which are currently present with Industry 4.0 approach:


1. New business models — the definition of a new strategy
2. Rethinking on organization and processes to maximize new outcomes
3. Understanding business case
4. Conducting successful pilots
5. Helping organization to understand where action is needed
6. Change management, something that is too often overlooked
7. Examination of company culture
8. The genuine interconnection of all departments
9. Recruiting and developing new talent

Industry 4.0 benefits
1. Enhanced productivity through optimization and automation
2. Real-time data for real-time supply chains in a real-time economy
3. Greater business continuity through advanced maintenance and monitoring possibilities
4. Higher quality products as a result of real-time monitoring, IoT- enabled quality improvement and COBOTS
5. Better working conditions and superior sustainability
6. Personalization opportunities that will earn the trust and loyalty the modern consumer



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