Iris Computers making rapid countrywide expansion


Iris Computers making rapid countrywide expansion

Sanjiv Krishen 
Iris Computers 



Distribution has always been at the center of gravity for the Iris group. While continuing to maintain a reputation of being the most responsive distributor in the country, Iris, which was set up by Sanjiv Krishen 23 years ago, is diversifying its activities by providing a host of additional services through Iris Global Services (IGS). The Iris group has already made strategic additions in the areas of mobility, user productivity, cloud computing, information security and data maintenance and it expects to continue augmenting its offerings.




Most industries, today, are going through some form of disruption in their business models and the field of distribution is no exception. Channel customers want more from distributors than ever before and their expectations seem to be based on more personalized interactions that address their specific situations and needs. Iris recognized this fact and decided to set itself apart from competition by delivering world class flexibility and accessibility. This unique promise made to its customers helped them connect with them at an emotional as well as rational level.


In fact, since its inception in 1996, Iris has maintained a high level of personalized attention for its channel partners. Some partners have needed technical guidance, while others have asked for support with structuring complicated orders. But the common denominator of needs is prompt and efficient delivery with realistic timelines. While these needs may be manageable at a small scale, when dealing with more than 3000 resellers, the proposition becomes a lot more complex. And yet for 23 years this has been Iris Computers’ hallmark and the unique promise that sets it apart.  It is this work ethic that has shaped Iris Computers into a powerhouse IT distribution entity and has helped it to steadily build its turnover to 1300 Crore, reflecting an enviable growth of 30% over last year.




Adopting new technologies is a key part of Iris’ value proposition. They make it a point to internally implement, many of the technologies that they sell. This gives firsthand experience to them and a better understanding of what customers need.




With cyber-attacks on the rise, no company is immune to the threat of a security breach. Information security is a priority for our customers and to meet this market need, we established a separate division called Iris SecurX. Video Surveillance will be another focus in 2019 and will address a market which is expected to grow by 28%. Iris is well poised for this.


Name of the Chairman :
Sanjiv Krishen
Headquarter : New Delhi
Year of inception : 1996

Products offered :
Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets, UPS, Server & Storage, Wireless Solutions, Digital Signage and Solutions like LFDs, LEDs, TFTs
Services offered:
Warranty Extension Packs for HP, Dell, Lenovo and APC products, Annual Maintenance Contracts (B2B) for HPE and IBM range of products


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