Adobe changing the world through digital experiences


Adobe  changing the world through digital experiences

Sunder Madakshira
Head – Marketing, Adobe India



Brand Projections 2019

Digital technology is changing lives faster than ever before. On one hand, digital technology has empowered people with a whole new range of possibilities and experiences over the last few years. On the other, while these digital changes are exciting, they also put enormous pressure on businesses to keep pace with changing customer behaviour and preferences. Customers today expect everything they do online to work just the way they want, instantly and easily. Without a doubt, organizations are acknowledging that today, customer experiences matter more than ever.

A winning experience can take many forms, but there are a few common elements:  It’s personal. It’s consistent. It’s elegant. And it’s everywhere people are. Companies who can do this will forge stronger connections with their customers, resulting in brand loyalty and growth. A great customer experience is the differentiator that separates market leaders from the pack.

Adobe is uniquely positioned in the industry because it is the only company that can give its customers everything they need to design and deliver exceptional experiences. Its cloud solutions enable its customers to work across the content workflow from inspiration, to creation and delivery, to management and measurement.


Transforming Customer Journey

As businesses in India look to bring customer experiences to the core of their business strategies, they need to create amazing content across form factors, to appeal to their customers. In parallel, businesses need to invest in a robust digital strategy that helps them leverage the power of data intelligence to deliver a compelling, relevant and personalised experience for each of its thousands of customers, as if they were their only customer.

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. It gives everyone -- from emerging artists to global brands -- everything they need to design and deliver exceptional digital experiences. As Adobe continues to be synonymous with all ‘customer experience’ conversations in the market – the brand is inspired by its CEO Shantanu Narayen’s philosophy that People do not buy products, but they buy Experiences”.  Adobe has deep and unique insights on how the world’s best brands are delivering the best experiences to their customers. This learning helps the company to constantly innovate and work on its products and with its customers, to ensure that they design, execute, measure and calibrate their efforts to enable the best customer experiences. 

Adobe’s business has rapidly transformed over the years and shifted its focus from being product-focused to customer experience driven. Adobe believes that understanding customer needs and aligning solutions to address people’s need is a key aspect in empowering brands in creating holistic customer experiences.  It believes that brands need to epitomize what they proclaim and therefore it empowers them in doing exactly that. Adobe uses the philosophy and solutions to ensure that its customers have the best experiences when they interact with the company.  Its multi-channel and multi-touch journey is designed to ensure that customers experience and deliver ‘Experience’. 



Security Roadmap 

Adobe was founded with core values that have shaped every part of its culture—trustworthiness being an important part of its values. It believes that privacy is an essential element of consumer trust and that responsible practices power great experiences. Adobe is committed to respecting consumer privacy and recognizing the importance of transparency and consumer choice. It has a strong foundation of security controls and Privacy by Design on which it will continue to build. 


New Tech vis-à-vis R&D 

Majority of businesses in India still operate on non-linear thinking, which is evident from the way they are looking at newer business models.  One of the immediate impacts of changing business models has been the way brands interact with their customers and how they want to deliver value to them though each of these interactions.  Adobe is well positioned to enable that by offering tomorrow’s technology today and helping customers reimagine their journeys in a renewed marketplace.   

Adobe has always been driven by its customers and it always wants to provide the best experiences to them. The key drivers for growth have always been to help companies in their journey of wanting to digitally transform themselves and provide frictionless and relevant touch points across all moments of truth.  In other words, Adobe has creativity and innovation as its DNA which is evident in its genesis. It will continue to constantly evolve to help its customers in delivering better customer experiences.

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