Dr. Sushil Kumar Meher, CIO Dept. of Computer Facility - AIIMS


Dr. Sushil Kumar Meher,   CIO Dept. of Computer Facility - AIIMS

“Medical records are more vulnerable than credit card numbers” 



Commitment as a Tech Head

The Chief Information Officers (CIOs) face stiff challenges in the day-to-day management of IT departments in healthcare systems and academic medical centres in a public medical institute which is giving high quality of care and research. 


Beyond traditional responsibilities for clinical and administrative platforms, applications and integration into work flow, CIOs face an unprecedented number of challenges that strain resources and stretch the capabilities of their organizations. To do what is in patients’ best interest is why we are here - to improve the delivery of quality care and generate structure data for research through health IT.  


Experience Cell 

The urgency and necessity of implementing clinical system using ICD-10, SNOMED CT, LOINC and meaningful use (MU) in a cost-effective way does not inordinately disrupt clinical and financial operations. The increased transparency about “necessary care” – tests, procedures, and treatment plans based on solid evidence and increased risk associated with privacy and security of EMR        (Electronic Medical Record ) which is connected with multiple system in different location.  The sensitive patient information which is collected, shared, and stored makes healthcare an attractive target for cyber criminals. Medical records are more vulnerable than credit card numbers on the black market because they contain valuable data that can be used for such things as identity theft. Today, healthcare institutions are dealing with threats that will only become more complex.


Key Priorities

We are heading the healthcare group towards a paperless and filmless intuition. Health IT provides scientific foundation for models of decision-making in healthcare and medical education and research.  A major work is on the way to do re-engineering process in all the clinical and administrative activities to reduce the process and improve the clinical service. A new open source HIMS is under development in-house which will cater to HIS, LIC, RIC, PACS, Clinical Research Informatics, Mobile Health, Public Health Informatics, PACS, Patient Safety and Medical Errors,  Data Analytics and Telehealth. 


An open source PACS and VNA in the process of implementation which will cater to all the medical images of the institute and will be stored for at least 10 years. The total storage required is around 10 PB.



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