Meetali Sharma, Head - Risk, Compliance & Information Security SDG Corporation


Meetali Sharma,   Head - Risk, Compliance & Information Security SDG Corporation

SDG to adopt AI and ML to drive continuous monitoring and governance


Redefined CISO/CIO role
CIO/CISO is no longer just an enabler. They have a broader role in becoming an advisor to the executive management giving them the right advice and driving the digital transformation within their organizations.  They have to act as strategic partners to the top management and bring in innovative ways to handle compliances and customers (both internal and external). This means that rather than just implementing fancy tools or new technologies, they need to first assess the business needs for organizations and then come up with compensatory controls / innovative methods to achieve the same.


Innovations & ROI
At SDG, we believe in bringing innovation in whatever we are doing. All our decisions are risk based and ones that can be a benefit to the customers and in turn result in revenue growth.  We have our own GRC/IRM platform and we have enhanced it further last year with the addition of modules specifically for cyber security. This year we are moving one step ahead and bringing in the elements of AI and machine learning (ML) to drive continuous monitoring and governance.


Key Priorities
Data breaches and ransomware/malware attacks have kept the CISOs busy in the last couple of years. Agenda for 2019 will continue to be “Protection of Data and Digital Identity” against various threats – internal as well as external. Our focus would be to build up controls which are a result of risk assessment and keep improving upon them. The idea is to build up and strengthen defences to remain cyber resilient. Digitization and automation of mundane manual tasks in a simplified manner to improve security, availability and protection of data would also be a high priority. Use of AI and machine learning to improve the processes of continuous monitoring would also play a key role in staying secure.


“Going digital should complement with the existing and future business needs and not be an overhead for the function/business owners. Keeping that in mind, we do a thorough risk assessment before adopting any new technology. Focus is not to adopt a technology just because it is the “in” thing in the market, but because our risk assessment results show that it is needed to mitigate a risk and will also contribute to overall business objectives of the organization.”

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