Arijit Dasgupta, CIO - Rupa & Co. Ltd.



Rupa & Company becomes Future-ready with SAP HANA powers


Today, convolution is the most ungovernable business issue all organisations face. Today’s reality is that many organisations have heterogeneous system environments, resulting difficult to manage. Most of the today’s IT leaders are saying their core systems are just too complex to handle peacefully. This is literally the enemy of tech-innovation. In Rupa & Co. we also faced lot of hurdles initially with disparate systems with lot of duplicate information resulting in unnecessary confusion.

Hence in order to streamline and make our business operations agile, we implemented SAP HANA to remove the complexity from our core systems. SAP HANA has simplified the data model so that our systems are now able to eliminate the complexity altogether.

By separating current and historical data and having a single system for data entry, we have been able to achieve a huge gain in performance. But these are more than just technical highlights. We have also been able to achieve significant amount of reduction in TCO. With increased efficiency and performance, and a reduced footprint, Rupa & Company, actually got more for less.

Faster Innovation
After our successful implementation of SAP HANA, we are now able to perform configurations steps together as many as require with one click. By getting rid of long upgrade cycles or waiting for enhancement packs, our business has been able to consume new innovation frequently. After Moving to SAP HANA, now our organization’s systems are future-ready in order to keep pace with change.

We have deployed HANA on premise and fixing updates frequently, while also enjoying all the technical and application advantages of speed and simplicity that the new suite offers. Our IT systems now powered by SAP HANA delivers continuous system availability and protect our day to day business functions from a broad range of outages, whether caused by a local software error or a natural disaster.
 Now our entire system landscape can adapt to change without disruption, using capture and replay tool for SAP HANA. With this advanced administration tool, we can experience new SAP HANA versions and configurations, without affecting our production deployments. We are now able to automatically capture a real production system workload and replay it on a testing environment to accurately simulate, analyse, and predict the performance impact of software or hardware changes. Reduce the manual effort of testing new configurations, and safely embrace innovation without risking system stability. We have also been able to develop applications for SAP HANA Extended Application Services classic model using the SAP HANA studio, including modelling data and analytic views, and building application logic. 



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