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Google planning to show ads during paused videos


Google planning to show ads during paused videos

Google, the parent company of YouTube, has been testing Pause Ads on connected TVs, and the results have been promising. Pause Ads are unskippable advertisements that appear when you hit the pause button on a video. According to Philipp Schindler, Google’s senior vice president and chief business officer, Pause Ads have gained traction, noting their effectiveness in driving brand awareness and action.


While Pause Ads have been a success on TVs, it’s uncertain whether they will expand to other devices like phones and desktops. YouTube has not been giving out any details about its rollout plans, leaving users anxious about the possibility of more intrusive ads invading their viewing experience.


YouTube’s reliance on ad revenue is evident, with the company reporting a 21% increase in YouTube Ads revenue compared to the previous year. The platform’s curb on ad blockers further emphasizes its commitment to maximizing ad revenue streams.


As YouTube explores new avenues to monetize its platform, users may find themselves navigating through an increasingly ad-filled landscape. While Pause Ads offer advertisers valuable opportunities, they risk losing on users who are already frustrated with interruptions during their viewing sessions.

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