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Elon Musk adds new job search feature on X


Elon Musk adds new job search feature on X

Elon Musk has talked of converting X into the "everything app" for a long time. Besides being a platform where users could share their thoughts with the world in limited characters, X is also aiming to turn into a job search platform. As per latest reports, the company just added a new feature that takes it a step closer to LinkedIn.


According to web developer Nima Owji’s post, X’s new feature in job search lets users filter the results as per experience level. Also, people can search jobs for specific companies. These two features are already a part of LinkedIn.


"#X keeps working on the search filters for the job search! You'll also be able to choose the seniority and also search for jobs from specific companies," Owji wrote in his post.


This post was reshared by Doge Designer and chief of X, Elon Musk.


The platform revealed last month that over one million companies were looking to hire candidates on X.


Over a million job postings have already been posted on X across various industries, a post by X Hiring said. Elon Musk had also reshared the post on the platform.


The post read, "There are more than 1 million job postings live on X right now! Companies across AI, financial services, SaaS, and more are finding qualified candidates using X Hiring every day."

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