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ETEK building a cybersecurity aware community


ETEK building a  cybersecurity aware community

Praveen Sengar
Global CEO - ETEK



ETEK is a Global Managed Security Services expert with 30 years of experience in cybersecurity. In terms of its credentials, ETEK has more than 200 cybersecurity specialists, and 20+ top industry certifications (ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1). It manages critical infrastructure for more than 350 clients across industry verticals, including OT infrastructure. ETEK also has 3 SOCs, ensuring 24*7 operations and securing billions worth of transactions.  
ETEK focuses on building cybersecurity awareness in its client base and in the community. It has gamified its cybersecurity training modules so that employees find it interesting and take deep interest in it. ETEK has its own training institute which has trained more than 11000 professionals. 

ETEK is guided by its VISION to provide “Proactive Fingerprinted Protection. Guaranteed.” This is a key differentiator for ETEK and makes the brand stand out in the market. It follows a consulting approach where it understands the business of the company, its technology landscape, current risk posture and then only it goes into offering solutions.  



ETEK’s method of ‘Proactive, Fingerprinted Protection’ is a triad of - 
1.    Contextualize:
Map client’s business & cybersecurity context. Internal as well as external 
2.    Automate: Recommend a platform-based approach which significantly reduces human intervention through automation 
3.    Continuum: Constantly monitor the ever-changing threat landscape through ETEK’s Follow the Sun Delivery Model (3 SOC Centers, ensuring 24 X 7 monitoring) 


Also, there is a constant endeavor to incorporate more automation in ETEK’s Go - to - market solutions. It is working with innovative and disruptive players in the market in order to fulfil its vision of ‘Proactive Fingerprinted Protection. Guaranteed!’  



ETEK focuses on protecting its clients from both signature and non – signature-based attacks, aka Zero Day Attacks. ETEK understood that it needs to tap into the vast amount of data generated by digital systems and networks to identify patterns, anomalies, and potential threats with greater accuracy and efficiency. Therefore, all the solutions that are part of its Go - to - Market are 100% AI and ML driven whether it is the SOC Platform, Threat Intel Platform, Data Protection Platform, Server Protection, etc. you name it.  

These platforms are leveraged by ETEK’s expert team of more than 200 cybersecurity specialists to analyze and respond to security incidents more effectively, mitigate risks, and adapt to evolving cyber threats.  


There are majorly six stages in the data lifecycle - i.e., Create, Store, Use, Share, Archive and Dispose. To protect one’s data, it is critical to protect it along each of these stages. Each of these stages has specific set of requirements related to data protections - 


1.    Data discovery and classification is required in the Create, Store and Use stage 
2.    Data loss protection and Access control is required in the Use and Share Stage 
3.    Data Encryption is required for the Archive and Dispose stage 

A lot of the organizations are using manual effort to classify data, create policies and implement controls. Manual effort will take upwards of 6 months to be fully deployed while the data protection should start at the click of a button which is what we are trying to provide through our solution. 

ETEK believes in working with a platform that leverages the power of AI and ML to automatically discover, detect and classify data, defined policies and access controls based on the user role / function and job profile and finally ensure that no malicious leakage takes place in the system. 

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