Redefining the business needs equipping with latest trends 


Redefining the business needs equipping with latest trends 

V Ranganathan Iyer, Group CIO & Sr. EVP, JBM Group  


Technology blueprint for year ahead
Agenda for 2023-24 is as follows. 

•    Adapting emerging technologies 
     a)  ChatGPT: OpenAI categories of platform to resolve generating software technical documentation creation for already developed solutions, generating source code for different applications.  
     b)  Visual analytics -based solution to check the quality of the products manufactured as when production happens, to ensure customer  rejections are eliminated / reduced to a larger extent. 
    c)  Adapting ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) to reduce cost wherever possible. 
    d) Digital twin to ensure product design to manufacturing is simulated to ensure smooth every time right manufacturing happens. 
    e) Augmented reality will be used in manufacturing to improve productivity & reduce errors. 


•  3D printing, technology to create prototypes and custom parts more quickly and cost-effectively.
• Connectivity: The development of connected vehicles and infrastructure is enabling new features such as remote diagnostics, over the air software updates and bug fixing, also such features to improve safety and convenience for drivers and passengers.  Further we collect many data inside the vehicle and process it and bring in business decisions for safety and elimination or identifying down time of the vehicle. 
•  Emphasizing Cyber Security: We are working on bringing data security designed in such a way, the IT/OT barriers are eliminated and seamless data movement happens, in such a way we can generate meaningful dashboards for employees to take the right decision at the right time. 
•  The most important actionable activity is ensuring an already deployed solution is used to its potential, so that we can identify the pain points of the already deployed solution, where this will help us provide insights for our future requirements. 


Fortifying organization from cyber threats 
As we are expanding our landscape from IT to OT and then cloud and implementing solutions with edge as focus, we are redefining our security deployment footprint. To protect the organization despite bringing technology for security with some AI intervention, we have ensured we have gone for cyber security and crime insurance. To bring in more focus on security posture, we are going to get the security audit done from auditing agencies, so that we can plan the security deployment strategy and based on priority, we will budget and deploy the same.  By the end of this financial year, we will be ready for ISO 27001 certification for sure. 

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