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Continuous innovation keeps the product ahead and gives the brand an identity 


Continuous innovation keeps the product ahead and gives the brand an identity 

Dr. Vineet Bansal, Group CIO, Surya Roshni


Technology blueprint for year ahead
As a technology leader, I am working on various strategies to manage Projects, leverage technology to increase efficiency, productivity, cost saving etc. Ensuring effective project management practices, managing milestones, monitoring allocative resources properly and monitoring overall progress of the project. Focusing on building teams and empowering team members to take ownership of their work. Constantly evaluating emerging technologies which are aligned with business requirements and can help in business growth. Aiming to analyse the current process and streamlining using technology. Identifying and implementing cost-saving measures without compromising quality and innovations.

My Agenda for 2023-24 will be to continue driving our organization’s digital transformation efforts and leveraging data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

I will strengthen the organization’s cybersecurity and will explore the potential of AI and IoT. I will focus on optimizing Cloud infrastructure as well.


Latest technologies influencing growth
We are starting our journey by implementing SAP with analytics in our organization for better growth.  Later we will explore how to implement technologies which can enable business and help in business growth. It is important that adoption of technology should align with business goals.

Fortifying organization from cyber threats
Strengthening the security against emerging threats is a top priority to mitigate increased attacks. Some key steps are important to strengthen the organization.

Conducting regular risk assessments to identify the vulnerabilities and potential threats across our network and system is very important. Also, a robust security strategy is a must for new threats which includes security policies, conducting risk assessments and clear guidelines, ongoing training and education to the employees is must.


Reiterating the brand identity
Focusing on customer experience involves understanding customer needs and offering excellent customer service throughout the customer journeys distinct brand. Brands can differentiate themselves by articulating their unique value proposition. Continuous innovation keeps the product ahead in the market and gives the brand an identity.


Digital technologies aiding to win customer trust
Excellent customer service, clear communication, continuous improvement etc. keeps us ahead and allows winning the trust of the customers.

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