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Communications Minister says that India will not have a telecom monopoly or duopoly


Communications Minister says that India will not have a telecom monopoly or duopoly

Minister of Communications Ashwini Vaishnaw said India is not heading towards having a telecom monopoly or even a duopoly. According to Vaishnaw, BSNL is coming up as a very stable player in the market and has started making operating profits now. He further added that the country will continue to be the most affordable telecom market in the world. 


The minister made a bold statement that India still has a wider scope of market in Telecommunications, despite dominance of companies like Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel in recent years for revolutionizing the network industry by making India the most economic market for internet and calling services. 


Reliance Jio effortlessly entered the crowded and highly competitive mobile market by offering free 4G voice and data service. Airtel was the only other company which followed the same path. However, prominent companies like Idea and Vodafone despite their collaboration as Vi (Vodafone Idea) couldn’t even compete with these two giants. 


When asked about his views that there are generally only two to three main players in the Telecom industry , the minister came up with a logical reply which stated “It is very Capital intensive and it is driven by very rapid technology cycles, also India is moving towards becoming the most affordable telecom market.” 

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