The pandemic indirectly pushed enterprises to shape up by way of digitization


The pandemic indirectly pushed enterprises to shape up by way of digitization

Manmohan Goyal
Advisor IT Corporate
Tide Water Oil Co. (India)


CIO priorities for 2022
Indeed 2022 is looking very competitive for good talent. We are following the model of outsourcing of IT activities and services, and maintain a small in-house team to coordinate with our partners and service providers. This reduces our burden significantly of retaining talent or finding replacement talent at various skill levels in IT. Nevertheless, we can see our outsourced partners struggling to retain their talent.

As regards our internal team we have embarked on multiple levels of training programmes to discover home grown talent and skill them up for specialised jobs.


Digitization - opportunities galore
The pandemic has indirectly given a big push to enterprises to either shape up by way of digitization or fall considerably behind by ignoring it. Work from Home is the new mode during the pandemic and a Hybrid model of working combining physical presence at offices and Work from Home is the new model from which there is now no going back. Enterprises have experienced enhanced productivity and lower costs of operations in the new working model which needs more digitization to tap new business opportunities.


Tech talent: A challenge
The way forward is for our enterprise to acknowledge talent crunch and adapt themselves to meet these sustainable and green aspirations of the workforce and put more effort in training and development of new skills in their IT resources. This is the path we are taking. Another is to recruit fresh graduates and skill them up so that the enterprise has a bench strength.


Technology & Brand amalgamation
Enterprises need to take a serious look at new age security solutions using AI and ML and Cloud offerings for adoption. Use of these will strengthen security concerns as well as address data privacy issues of customers. On our part we have also reviewed our data collection strategy and have removed the requirement of data of personal nature.


IT: The Future of India
The Indian economy has recovered well inspite of the pandemic and the Russo Ukraine war. An average of various growth estimates predict our economy to be the fastest growing globally at a minimum of 8% to 9% in the coming years. All these are getting powered by the adoption of IT and the embracing of digitization, coupled with the innovative talent of the younger entrepreneurs. We are encouraging upgrading of skills to benefit from these growing opportunities.


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