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AI, ML, IoT, Data Analytics must be used to create identity, information and experience for end users


AI, ML, IoT, Data Analytics must be used to create identity, information and experience for end users

R K Shastri
VP Technology



CIO priorities for 2022
Following four steps process may be followed by:--

Step 1 – Begin with the end
To understand the skills a business needs, it is best to start at the end of the business processes to understand the key outputs, products and services that need to deliver.

Step 2 – Depict out the perfect skillset
For each department, team or individual, it is now time to map out the exact skills they need to deliver those business outputs.

Step 3 – Correlate to current situation
After identifying the perfect set of skills each of the departments, teams, or individuals need to possess, it is time to compare them against what actually one has within the business.

Step 4-- Stopple Talent Gap
To fix the talent gap, there are two options – train or recruit.

Digitization - opportunities galore
Optimum utilization of available IT resources

Approach with partial digitization wherever end to end digitization for certain business processes is not possible

Make use of latest technologies like AI, ML, IoT, Data Analytics to create identity, information and experience for end users.


Tech talent: A challenge
With the rapid technology growth and owing to impacts from events like pandemic most of the organisations are suffering from talent gap.

The problem is further supplemented as many organizations do not even realize they have a talent problem, because issues are not isolated to individual businesses. Hence proper Identifications, Analysis and Execution of talent gap rescue plan may be the need of the hour.

Skill/Talent Gap: To fully understand the shape and size of the skills gap, one needs to implement a talent gap analysis process. Much like a traditional business gap analysis, this process will allow to effectively map out the skills missing in the business. In simple words, a talent gap occurs when an organization’s workforce does not have the skills it needs. All organizations will have an inherent level of skills gap.

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