Anomali’s vision is built around building a future that eliminates every threat


Anomali’s vision is built around building a future that eliminates every threat

Stree Naidu  
Senior Vice President and General Manager - APJ, Anomali



Cybersecurity has become a major concern for businesses around the globe. More than ever, management teams need relevant business insight to swiftly protect themselves and their stakeholders from cyber-attacks.
Anomali’s open XDR solution is helping management teams amplify visibility, enrich with relevant context and in turn, stop the attackers and predict their next move. It delivers unique use cases, starting with a proprietary attack surface management report after ingesting all relevant telemetries including cloud platforms and correlating literally hundreds of trillions of telemetry events times cyber threats per second.
Anomali’s mission is to stop attackers and share relevant insight from the ecosystem.

Anchored by big data management and refined by artificial intelligence, the Anomali Platform delivers unique proprietary capabilities that correlate all telemetry from customer-deployed security solutions with Anomali’s largest repository of global intelligence. Its threat intelligence management solution, ThreatStream utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Anomali tries to constantly stay in touch with the market by tracking market trends, analyst reports, and competitive intelligence. It also regularly interviews its customers and non-customers to understand the underserved needs in the market. This was a large driver in its decision to expand the Threat Intelligence Platform to a broader XDR focus with The Anomali Platform and is the basis for its differentiated use-cases.

Cybercriminals, nation-state actors, and hacktivists are working overtime to target organizations for exploitation. An effective Threat Intelligence Management Platform provides the context needed to prevent and address threats more rapidly and effectively. By automating the process of collecting and analyzing internal and external threat data, information, and intelligence, security teams can view actionable threat intelligence quickly.
There are generally three “levels” of cyber threat intelligence - strategic, operational, and tactical. Utilizing each type of intelligence is important because each one serves a different function.
Tactical threat intelligence is the most basic form of threat intelligence and is often used for machine-to-machine detection of threats and for incident responders to search for specific artifacts in enterprise networks.
Operational threat intelligence provides insight into actor methodologies and exposes potential risks. Where tactical threat intelligence gives analysts context on threats that are already known, operational intelligence brings investigations closer to uncovering completely new threats.

Strategic threat intelligence provides a big picture look at how threats and attacks are changing over time. Strategic threat intelligence may be able to identify historical trends, motivations, or attributions as to who is behind an attack.
Organizations using cyber threat intelligence are able to reduce security risk and stay ahead of advanced persistent threats. Most importantly, they are able to learn how to transform data into relevant, actionable intelligence.

Anomali’s vision is to build a future that eliminates every threat and neutralizes every adversary—no matter the infinite escalation in digital signals or traffic. It helps organizations worldwide optimize their security ecosystems to gain an advantage over the most advanced threat actors in the world.
Since its inception, Anomali has added innovations built on top of its global intelligence capabilities that have grown from just showing customers who their adversaries are to enabling them to stop them before they have a chance to disrupt their business. Recognized as the market leader in global threat intelligence, Anomali strives to give customers the best experience and is committed to investing in its technology roadmap to deliver more for the customers’ journey. It ensures that its customers are able to proactively, effectively, and efficiently detect and respond to ultimately reduce the risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks.

The IT industry demand for cybersecurity in India will continue to gain exponential traction, especially in industries like Government, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare and Manufacturing. Small and Medium businesses will also be key to driving market growth. These organizations need cybersecurity more than ever. There will be pertinent advancements and adoption in cybersecurity technology to counter cyberattacks specifically in Extended Detection and Response, allowing organizations to quickly identify areas of concern in their environment and prioritize their response and mitigate appropriately.

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