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With expanded production capacity, CP PLUS now becomes a World Challenger in the Surveillance Industry


With expanded production capacity, CP PLUS now becomes a World Challenger in the Surveillance Industry

Aditya Khemka, Managing Director, 
CP PLUS (Aditya Group)


The People’s Brand 
CP PLUS is a pioneer Indian brand responsible for leading the security and surveillance industry in the country for many years now. Since its very beginning, CP PLUS has dominated the CCTV industry by introducing affordable solutions and a reliable sense of security to the general public and creating awareness about enhancing public safety. Now, the brand’s name itself has become a synonym for CCTV in many parts of the country.  

CP PLUS, India’s leading CCTV brand, began producing surveillance devices locally in India in its Manufacturing facility in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 5 years ago. And since then, the brand has enhanced its manufacturing capabilities to reach the plant’s maximum production capacity of 1Mn units a month.Now to meet the growing demand, CP PLUS has put up another manufacturing unit in Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh. With the production commencing in Q2, 2022-23, this new facility will have 3 times the production capability vis-à-vis the existing capacity i.e. 3Mn Surveillance units per month, which will make itthe World’s Largest Manufacturing Unit for Surveillance Products, outside China and 3rd largest in the entire world when including China.   
Currently, CP PLUS is also in talks with the Government of India to introduce the PLI scheme for the Surveillance industry and also about amendments to the Public Safety Act to further improve Electronics Security for India and its public.


A Growing Surveillance & Security Market
For the security & surveillance industry in particular but not solely, the growing market even in the face of the pandemic and all the given uncertainties has been a blessing. Backed by the proliferation of more and more advanced CCTVs such as IoT Cloud-based Wi-Fi consumer cameras, High-resolution 4G battery cameras in public spaces along with robust artificial intelligence algorithms, effective security solutions are increasingly becoming a part of everyone’s everyday lives so much so that we have recently laid the foundation stone of yet another manufacturing facility in Andhra Pradesh to meet the growing demand.

With the spreading awareness about revolutionary solutions such as advanced cameras, floodlight cameras, IoT Cloud-based Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, Sensors integrated with AI-based human filtering that we are producing, people from every walk of life have started to realise that the dependability of an efficient security system stands unmatched. This is ano

ther reason why the security and surveillance industry has been on an upward arc throughout. Keeping up with such trends is the advent of Facial recognition, which uses AI & Machine Learning, and has worked wonders in the increasing use of security systems.
Notwithstanding the market scenario, our GTM strategy has always been largely Offline Channel Based – Distributors & Resellers, and also Medium to Large System Integrators. For us, not much has changed in the past 18 months since our products & solutions require an element of service cum installation, which has kept the market running in full flow. Nonetheless, the new B2C IoT Cloud-based solutions that we have launched during this time are set in place to have a large Online Business model, where they will also be selling via B2C & B2B portals, LFRs and also offline channels.

Furthermore, as technological advancements follow high-tech expertise and are seen percolating down to different echelons of society, it has become our motivation to keep taking on the unforeseen challenges of changing times and to tackle them with unparalleled digital innovations. 

The Competitive Edge
For more than 14 years, as the largest Indian manufacturer of electronic security equipment that is also leading the Indian market, CP PLUS has been an instigator for introducing new technologies to the surveillance industry. In a market heavily dominated by Chinese brands globally, CP PLUS has been the only Indian company to step in and position itself at the forefront of the industry in such a short span of time. With our experience, we also gained the trust of millions before becoming India’s No.1 brand, seeing that when it comes to security CP PLUS has even become a synonym for CCTV in people’s minds. The tremendous feat achieved by CP PLUS and the dedication that we have put in have both been recognised on many occasions through numerous awards as CP PLUS has also been ranked among the top 2 brands in Asia and the Top 4 brands globally in the IHS survey.

Being a well-trusted brand with quite a deep understanding and know-how of the security and surveillance needs of the rapidly changing time, CP PLUS stands unrivalled when it comes to conceptualisingcustomised and best-suited solutions for the security troubles of the world. Being a brand that puts in an effort to understand the needs of the end-user, we have steadily extended our presence to every corner of the country and have ensured that our customers can reach us no matter where they are. Through creating new capacities, establishing new capabilities, and constantly expanding our portfolio, we are committed towards strengthening our reach and ameliorating the reliability we provide. 

Considering that people from every walk of life require a reliable sense of security and by understanding the rapidly changing as well as challenging needs of the time, we come up with unparalleled, high-performing products that are affordable and have been designed for sustainable use. Our innovation capabilities and the latest technologies coupled with value-added services show the difference. With our in-house production under the make-in-India initiative, we aim to generate more and more employment and help India in becoming truly self-reliant, while, at the same time, continuously organising training programs across the country. Our continuing and dedicated investments towards crafting and producing even more proficient solutions as well as towards constantly upgrading customer service are also the reason behind our rapidly rising market share. We will always remain dedicated towards enabling customers in gaining more value and effectively securing their property.


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