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D M Systems leveraging a digital business ecosystem by building greater understanding of its customers


D M Systems leveraging a digital business ecosystem by building greater understanding of its customers

D K Bajaj 
 CEO, D M Systems


D M Systems is a well-known name in providing Cyber Security Solutions in India. The company works very closely with enterprise customers and involves its teams in the planning of projects, which not only help it in understanding and execution but also help in coordinating with IT teams. The company has relentlessly pursued digital transformation with the partners and customers. The company is focusing on technology-centric, data-driven and digital design which leverages a digital business ecosystem by building greater understanding of its customers through data insights, stronger customer experiences, stronger information security and greater efficiencies. It is providing better customer service, better customer value and greater data security by building a digital-savvy team around them to help drive the business in a smooth and efficient way. It has understood this necessity and supported the digital transformation process internally and externally.


Technology has gained importance in the past two years. When the pandemic hit, businesses had no other choice but to change their technology game overnight. As technology rapidly advances, so must businesses in order to remain competitive and relevant. A more technologically and digitally focused company will have several advantages over its competitors.

In the first hand, such a company will be able to better understand and utilize big data. With the increasing popularity of social media and the internet of things, there is a vast amount of data available that can be used to improve business operations. A company that is focused on technology will be able to make use of this data to improve its understanding of customers and target its marketing more effectively.

Secondly, technology is driving changes in all industries, and those companies that can innovate will be the ones that succeed in the long term. Thirdly, a more technologically and digitally focused company will be better able to manage its supply chain. With the increasing use of technology in manufacturing and logistics, companies that can make use of technology to streamline their supply chains will have a significant competitive advantage.

A technologically and digitally focused company will always be ahead of the curve. Make sure to start paying attention to the tech world because it is only going to get more challenging in the years to come and only the fittest will survive.

Every digital transformation journey requires a staged approach involving a variety of stakeholders and a clear set of goals and a road-map. D M Systems is now focusing on new employee skills, a healthy organizational culture, employee communication, and employee empowerment, all of which are critical prerequisites that will change their path to fully leverage changes and opportunities of emerging digital technologies and their impact on the business performance leading to a successful digital transformation journey.

The company partners with OEMs like Sophos, Sonicwall, Fortinet, GoDMARC, Palo Alto, Ruijie Networks, F5, Commvault, Veeam etc.  The company believes in interminable relationship and proudly serves to one of the prominent payment gateway companies in India for over a decade, also to one of the largest logistics companies with over 1500+ branches in India. This list includes many Govt, PSU’s  research labs and many Pvt sector companies.  The company has extended its reach to overseas countries like Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Poland and Australia as well. 

D M Systems also provides security audit as a service for integrating people, process and technologies as per stipulated standards, Guidelines, SOC as a Services, ISO-ISMS, ITSM, BCP, ERM Certification from Certified Security Auditors for DC/DR /IT infra.

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