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Iris Global relishing its growth momentum along with its partners


Iris Global relishing its growth momentum along with its partners

Sanjiv Krishen, Founder-CMD, Iris Global Services



Benchmarks achieved

With an aim to provide cost-effective products and solutions in all areas of IT, Iris Global has set a benchmark of achieving heights. In March 2021, Iris Global did a business of 778 crore with a profit of 12 crore whereas in March 2022 it doubled its business to 1615 crore, with a profit of 27 crore reflecting the company’s profitability, growth and improvement. In terms of financial figures, the company is high and happy the way it has grown and it is looking forward to an extremely robust 2023. Iris has boosted its business with unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, unbridled passion to excel, seamless teamwork & strong business ethics. The company’s biggest winning factor was the contribution to the industry by developing small dealers, making those small dealers happy by giving them service, facilities and support unlike bigger dealers, who take them for granted. Iris helps businesses fully realize the promise of technology—helping them maximize the value of the technology that they make, sell, or use. Iris is helping its partners to boost their profitability. Adding to its kitty, Iris has done some large projects like Akshara where it deployed LG, INP Notebooks to a school in Odisha with 440 classrooms which has been successfully installed and running smoothly. 


Distribution Network: Widening the reach

With a motto of ‘Trust and Transparency, Iris is associated with 20 companies as distributors; the major ones are Dell, HP, Acer, LG, APC, Ruckus, INP, RDP, Sparsh etc.  Iris is geographically present in 24 locations in the country. The company boosts its success and maintains a tremendous equation, mutual respect and healthy evolution with its vendors. With its vast national infrastructure and focus on IT Hardware Distribution Technology Solutions, Iris enables business partners to operate more efficiently and successfully in the markets they serve. Both LG and Iris share a good relationship and equation with understanding of each other. Due to this strong bond, Iris is growing its energy business. Talking about Schneider, Iris also shares a good relationship which helped them to cross 100 crore worth UPS business. Iris has become the largest distributor for Schneider in the country. The company also shares an excellent relationship with Dell.  Iris feels proud and happy as its relationship with all the vendors is extremely strong and trusted. Dealers are also extremely supportive, especially the smaller ones. Iris has set up different verticals like security, end-customer facing Iris waves, distribution, VADs and has also developed a new vertical for rental division. It has seen a steady growth in different verticals. The company is also doing some system integration projects done through Iris Waves. It has orders from Pepsi, Dabur and BSES. 


Future Roadmap

The strength of the company lies in its partnerships with the best IT OEMs, helping customers in complete digital transformation, commercially strong organization and mature team. Iris aims to support its smaller partners and grow along with them.  It is not hungry for topline due to more challenges and collection issues.  The company is happy with its growth and taking steady steps towards profitability. Its objective will be to support smaller partners and improve its profitability and growth. The company also does sessions with SMBs to support them for training and certification. Whenever there is a partner meeting, the company always tries and tells them what new things they should be doing and that is the way they will grow their business and it will help them grow together. In terms of technical training usually the OEMs are the ones who have excellent training programs; they have certification mandatory for the partners. Iris encourages the partners to go through these certifications and get training directly from the OEMs. It also encourages them to look at it from a business point of view how they can expand their business and profitability. 

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