“At BSE, the outlook of IT section and its team is business driven and not IT driven”


“At BSE, the outlook of IT section and its team is business driven and not IT driven”

Kersi Tavadia,  CIO - BSE


CIO priorities for 2022
The priorities for the year are mainly going to be in the area of modernising Data Center, adoption of application modernisation, accelerating digital adoption, building a strong service model.


In terms of priorities, few immediate steps that we have initiated and getting prepared for competition are;
•   Creating a hybrid model for officials to work from home and/or office.
•    Implementation of application modernisation especially with the help of DevSecOps to seamlessly 
     deliver and maintain the agility of roll outs.
•  We are also rationalising our service model by transforming our services into a hosted service 
     model, similar to SaaS i.e. Software as a Service. 
•  During the year, we are planning to make major and vital infrastructure changes to sustain the 
     expected growth for next four to five years in our mission critical applications and cyber security.


Digitization - opportunities galore
At BSE, the outlook of the IT section and its team is business driven and not IT driven.

Within the next six months, our next generation Cyber Security Operations center will undergo major technology change that is expected to be a reference model for other participants of the financial market.

We are also extending our automation scope in other critical operations activities and in turn provide better opportunities to our operations team to transform their roles. We plan to extend our RegTech experience from our surveillance activity to other areas, where more data can be processed meaningfully and draw out the trends.


IT: The Future of India
Today, the IT industry is capable of leveraging the benefits of newer technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Cloud computing and Big Data and introduction and implementation of Microservices, DevSocOps and Automation in most of the sectors. These technologies are now well accepted and implemented as daily business needs.

This year the demand for cloudification is expected to grow, especially demand as a service model.  Small, mid-size and start-ups are now dependent on cloud service providers for their business needs.  Therefore, SaaS based models are bound to increase in India and will continue to grow.  This will further boost the growth of new enterprises and ventures.

The future of the IT industry in India is bright.


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