“Data is the key to unlocking brand transformation and differentiation”


“Data is the key to unlocking brand transformation and differentiation”

Anand Sinha,  CIO & Global Head – IT


CIO priorities for 2022
At Birlasoft, we continue to prioritize digitalization, Automation, having the right talent on board and consider ourselves as a very confident company. As far as 2022-2023 is concerned, we are making investments in transformation programs to help bring agility, drive faster growth, set up service lines and invest in talent and skill developments and productivity.

We believe talent is and will remain one of the key elements for business growth and sustainability. Overall, we think that we are well prepared for any future challenge and are on the road to achieving our U.S.$ 1 billion goal.


Digitization - opportunities galore
The pandemic has given businesses the necessary push they needed to digitally equip themselves, not only for the present but for all future endeavours. Adopting newer technology has helped them automate their processes, improve customer experience, and cut costs while maintaining their business continuity.

As these businesses move forward in their digital transformation journeys, we can expect them to increasingly utilize the power of Analytics and AI to make informed business decisions. They will be able to prepare for the future trends that are anticipated to take prominence. Additionally, with advancements in the field of IT, businesses will be able to overcome the physical limits of their supply chain by restructuring and moving their production closer to the point of demand, ultimately improving customer satisfaction. There is also tremendous opportunity in integrating sustainability in the business processes. Through the use of tech, Predictive Analysis, and Automation, businesses will be able to formulate their ESG goals better and create sustainable value for themselves and stakeholders. 


Technology & Brand amalgamation
Data is the key to unlocking brand transformation and differentiation. However, with the ongoing rise in cyber security-led threats, it has become extremely difficult to secure data and keep the business’ future safe and secure. To counter this, we understand that our clients must go through countless hours in order to complete cyber security self-assessments and lengthy supplier risk assessments. The time taken in undergoing such tasks can be mundane and can also affect profits in the longer run.

For the same, our Cyber security Regulatory Compliance Automation in partnership with Regulativ.ai helps our clients put their privacy at the forefront by simplifying cyber security compliance with AI and Automation. This allows them to eliminate tedious manual risk assessments, save more than 40% in costs, effectively collaborate between multiple teams and focus energies on proactive cyber defense strategies.


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