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A CMO must emphasize on the communication with customers and deliver solutions through the right approach


A CMO must emphasize on the communication with customers and deliver solutions through the right approach

Chandrika Jain
Director – Marketing, Lenovo India


The evolving role of CMOs 
Today, a CMO functions like a digital expert, business accelerator, collaborator, and is responsible for every aspect of customer experience (CX). Organizations are enhancing CX through initiatives like omnichannel solutions, an example being Lenovo On Demand– a customer centric phygital platform for contactless shopping. As businesses are recalibrating how they use data and analytics to drive customer engagement, marketing professionals must take the initiative to propel digital adoption and serve as the organization's digital visionaries.


Contribution towards strategic business discussions
As the industry and marketing functions are evolving vis-a-vis a hybrid work environment, the roles of all leadership positions have seen a substantial shift. Organizations are leaning on the “humanized” form of marketing, and are more empathetic toward conditions and consumers.
More precisely, the marketing function is more significant for businesses now. It is being valued as a driver of business viability and growth. Understanding customers and delivering solutions through the right approach is the need of the hour. A CMO must emphasize that communication and technology will define the future of businesses.


Real-Time Marketing to Drive Sustainable Growth
Real-time marketing can certainly help CMOs drive sustainable growth through performance management, strategic planning and real-time interaction. This marketing format results in increased conversions, brand lifts, and lower service costs while enabling companies to make better strategic decisions.
When combined with tools like predictive platforms, marketing leaders get an accurate and quantifiable view of the factors that are driving customer experience and business performance.

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