Atos at the forefront of adopting and creating digital technologies


Atos at the forefront of adopting and creating digital technologies

Umar Ali Shaik
Atos India Pvt. Ltd


Key Strategies for 2021
Atos’s business strategy is based on the quality of its products and services delivery and is founded on the continuing satisfaction of its customers. Customers rely on Atos for sustainable and innovative solutions that will lead to their digital transformation and ensure their success and growth in an evolving & challenging business environment. 

Atos aspires to build a transparent and long-term relationship with its customers based on open dialogue and trust and work closely to advance innovation and create value. It being an industry-focused organization, Atos believes in customizing its solutions to meet specific market requirements for their respective industry verticals. Atos likes to invest in Talent, Innovation, and Partnership with Global Technology leaders to bring value to its customers.


Accelerating Digital Transformation
With the foresight of digital as the future, Atos has enabled its resources with capable and secure workplace solutions with an ambition to become a secure and decarbonized digital leader.

Since 2017, Atos launched several initiatives within key business areas by deploying more digital tools and re-engineering processes through automation. Its Engaged Employee Experience services empower employees with the help of collaborative tools and personalized services to work from anywhere, anytime, without compromising on security and performance. The company believes that an empowered & engaged employee offers better services to its customers and is equipped to handle challenging situations.
Atos modernizes the workplace with intelligent automation, predictive analytics, chatbots, enterprise collaboration platforms, and smart-assist agents available on desktop and mobile platforms.
Atos continues to hire new staff, onboard, and induct them remotely in these unprecedented times. It believes that since it is the new way of ensuring safety for all involved, digital technology has helped the brand to remain focused and effective on its customer’s requirements.


Making Customers ‘Digital Ready’
The fundamental lesson the years 2020-21 have taught is that Victory belongs to the most persevering and adaptable. It requires determination and the ability to fight adversity and remain upright to rebound after the most adverse challenges humanity has faced on both personal and business sides.

Remote working has become necessary to work from anywhere and anytime, even for the most traditional workplaces. Most organizations are aware that they must embrace digital technologies to enable their workforce, manufacturing, logistics, and sales channels across industry verticals. The dynamics and the speed of adoption have changed due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Atos’s experience in deploying future-ready digital workplace solutions goes beyond performance and profitability for the brand. It is using its digital journey to showcase the power of a successful digital transformation to its clients to help them create a future-ready workplace that can benefit from the Cloud, Digital Workplace, and Cybersecurity technologies.


Building a Cybersecurity Defense
With the evolution of the digital ecosystem, Cybersecurity has become a significant business risk and challenge for organizations and companies. Today, the internet connects buildings, cities, vehicles, industries, mobile phones, laptops, and in the future, it will even connect the human mind. The digital world is constantly changing with the exponential growth of cyber threats.

Atos is #1 in Europe and #2 worldwide in managed security services. Its 6-pillars of cybersecurity ensure a secure digital transformation for the protection of the entire digital ecosystem. Atos develops, manufactures, and maintains cutting-edge cybersecurity products that combine data protection, access management, and digital identities.

Atos’s solutions for Trusted Digital Identities prevent intrusions; its Digital Workplace Security solutions protect the digital equipment; its security solutions for Industry 4.0 secures an intertwined internal & external industrial environment, and Data security renders high protection to data in any state. Cloud transition with applications and infrastructures challenges are addressed with cloud adoption and optimization with Atos OneCloud.
These 6-pillars are supplemented with added hats of supervision through Atos’ strategic partners and alliances and its in-house products like Evidian, IDnomic, and Trustway, along with analytics & automation – providing 360-degree security for the entire digital ecosystem to address the ever-changing threat landscape.


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