A10 Networks continues to empower customers with secure and innovative digital experience


A10 Networks continues to empower customers with secure and innovative digital experience

Sanjai Gangadharan
Area Vice President - South ASEAN, 
A10 Networks, Inc.


Resilience and Agility through IT Simplicity
With cyber attacks increasing every hour amid the pandemic, cybersecurity is indispensable and has become a top priority for businesses today. According to a recent study by A10 Networks, 62% of Indian enterprises have accelerated investments in security as a result of the pandemic. Hence, innovating and adopting advanced IT and security strategies to address the challenges of the new normal and empowering customers with the most secure and available digital experience is A10 Networks’ top priority.
When it comes to its marketing strategy, A10 Networks is focused around communicating how it is helping its customers, service providers and enterprises solve their operational challenges. These include -
•    Providing always available app delivery and security - on-premises and in the cloud
•    Supporting seamless migration to the cloud with hybrid solutions
•    Securing multi-generational networks throughout the transition to 5G and cloud-native architectures
•    Protecting networks from cyber security attacks that endanger network availability
•    Simplifying IT operations with connected intelligence, automation, machine learning and DevOps/SecOps tools
•    Capturing the benefits of emerging 5G opportunities
A10 Networks is differentiated from its competitors in a way that it secures application services powered by connected intelligence across its solutions for multi-cloud, edge cloud and 5G, all at hyperscale.


Accelerating Digital Transformation
At A10 Networks, the health and safety of employees has been the utmost concern during the pandemic and continues to be a key focus in the future as well. Hence, at the onset of the pandemic it embraced digital communications with employees, partners and customers alike. Digital transformation has been the central pillar of its strategy, and it’s key to its customers as well. A10 Networks has been committed to addressing customer and partner needs over digital platforms, to ensure business operations continue uninterrupted.

Clearly, the COVID-19 crisis is creating uncertainty across the globe and A10 Networks is committed to its customers and partners and continues to support their business needs.


Creating Customer Experience
A10 Networks is committed to delivering secure application services for on-premises, multi-cloud and edge-cloud environments at hyperscale. It provides its customers with secure and reliable app delivery for hybrid cloud environments, which include private clouds with its application delivery controller (ADC). A10 Network’s solution addresses the operational complexities associated with securely scaling for hybrid cloud. It empowers application teams with a self-service model that employs integrated load balancing, security, and analytics to enhance agility while providing per-application visibility and insights.
The A10 Networks ADC optimizes the delivery and security of cloud applications and services across the customer’s cloud infrastructure. Also, A10 Networks’ advanced load balancers with central management and analytics, provides a unified solution that allows the customer to manage and deliver secure, elastic, cloud-native applications and services centrally across the entire private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.


Building a Cybersecurity Defense
A10 Networks continues to work with its customers to help them evaluate the efficacy of their security posture, to secure their multi-cloud and 5G networks and ensure that their business-critical applications are secured and available. Its DDoS protection solutions protect against the largest DDoS attacks, particularly with attacks becoming more sophisticated and as new targets are being attacked, like healthcare and government entities in the age of COVID-19.


Application delivery and centralised management ensure security and availability of applications, particularly as work-from-home scenarios are becoming the norm. The Orion 5G Security Suite helps service providers not only secure their 4G networks, but also help prepare for their 5G deployments along with the increasing use of mobile edge clouds to ensure mobile services can be accessed where subscribers are located. Finally, with a majority of traffic now being encrypted, A10 Network’s SSL visibility solution helps customers decrypt and inspect network traffic for malicious threats, including malware and ransomware.


Also, A10 Networks has quickly mobilized to help customers in times of extreme spikes in network traffic and security threats. Its teams remain available 24/7 to address expanding customer requirements for application delivery and security solutions.




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