Minissha is in love just after her divorce


Minissha is in love just after her divorce

Everyone has the right to love at any point of time and there is no point of compromising the life with their love and live partner, since the life is inly for once.


After her divorce from Ryan Tham last year. She said that she is currently in a ‘happy relationship with a lovely person, by not revealed his name. In August last year, she announced that they got divorced. She added that it was an amicable separation.


Often, two people are better off not living together and there’s no one who did wrong or is to be blamed in those circumstances. Some things are too private to talk about as it would be disrespectful to the other individual,” she said.


Actress Minissha Lamba said, "The end of a relationship or marriage is not the end of life. You will have another chance to love [and] be loved”.


The only reason I’m now talking about it is to help people stuck in similar situations and to show that things will get better,” Minissha added.


Speaking about finding love again, Minissha said, "Currently, I'm in a happy relationship with a lovely person."


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