DE-CIX stays true to its vision of making interconnection easy – anywhere


DE-CIX stays true to its vision of making interconnection easy – anywhere

Sudhir Kunder, 
Senior. Vice President - National Head Sales at DE-CIX Interwire, India



DE-CIX India runs carrier and datacentre-neutral IXs in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai. It has recently upgraded the Indian infrastructure from traditional peering platform to the access and service model, to offer a wide array of interconnection services in addition to domestic peering. This year DE-CIX intends to not only upgrade and increase its points of presence (PoPs) in India, but also look forward to offering more value-added services such as DirectCLOUD, Microsoft Azure Peering Service, Blackholing DDoS mitigation and more.


During this financial year, DE-CIX has added over 75 Indian and international customers and increased its subscribed port capacity to over 66%. Since COVID-19lockdowns, it has opened three more PoPs across Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi.


The DirectCLOUD service of DE-CIX is an extremely important enabler to help the enterprises in their digital transformation journey. An additional service soon to be launched in India, Microsoft Azure Peering Service, will also be a huge supporter for the enterprises and their interconnection strategies.



Having done this for 25 years now, DE-CIX believes that directly interconnected networks are the best way to safeguard the digital future. With its presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, DE-CIX covers not only the most important sea cable landing points for the whole subcontinent, but also the industrial and financial capitals, as well as the four very much different regions of the country. It will keep on growing and driving this ecosystem by remaining a data centre, carrier and cloud neutral interconnection platform, constantly available, offering flexible services on one access at DE-CIX.


Together with going beyond peering and launching its Cloud Exchange and the DirectCLOUD service plus the technical innovations DE-CIX will be able to implement, this is the framework for its future marketing strategy and communication.



For DE-CIX, customer satisfaction in every touchpoint during the entire lifecycle of the relationship is the most important aspect. With the right strategic investments this year, the company has been able to offer its customers best in class SLAs. This year has also seen upgrading its network to upscaling its intra datacentre capacities to 250 Gigs; bigger customers now have multiple 100GE ports provisioned with DE-CIX.


In the last 3 months, DE-CIX had the highest number of customer upgrades (66%) and was seamlessly able to serve the huge demand between February and July as the industry saw an increase of 975% in OTTs and content space, 555% in Gaming and 177 % in ISP space.



Cybercrime is increasingly affecting personal security and even the stability of society as a whole. 70% of all breaches still originate at endpoints, despite the increased IT –spending.


Cybersecurity should dominate the priorities of every organization as each one adapts to a post-COVID-19 world. The identities of remote workers and devices are the new security perimeter. Vulnerabilities in real-time operating systems do exist and need to be managed well in advance. Few other major threats to be dealt with are cross-site scripting and mobile malware. 


With one of the world’s largest and most experienced Research & Development team in its field of business, DE-CIX works on adopting novel technology paradigms for developing and designing a next generation Internet Exchange. Its R&D team runs projects with public and governmental initiatives to find new technical opportunities to further drive digital innovation in the market.  


Besides, DE-CIX shares the results with the Internet communities, both operational and scientific, and makes solutions available as open source.


DE-CIX India is one of the top contributors for digital India. It works hard to make the Internet infrastructure stronger and more secure with its interconnection platform. The costs of the Internet are brought down without compromising on the quality. Its DirectCLOUD service has also been a game-changer.


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