Axis Communications positions its products as integrated end to end solutions


Axis Communications positions its products as integrated end to end solutions

Sudhindra Holla
Director - Axis Communications - India & SAARC


Axis Communications is geared up to make a deep imprint in the focused segments of commercial, critical infrastructure, retail, city surveillance and smart city projects, and penetrate deeper in terms of engagements and customer enablement. With its end-to-end portfolio of offerings, Axis Communications would like to further strengthen its position in the critical infrastructure and education segment and provide simple solutions that integrate complex technologies. It is also trying to develop more gold partners, so that they can address different market segments, while also looking at expanding into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. 

Some of the technologies that Axis Communications would continue to focus on this year are Video analytics, Environmental sensors, Thermal Cameras, IP Audios, Facial recognition, and Radar Technology.

A breakthrough product that Axis Communications has developed is the seventh generation Axis Real Time Picture Encoder (ARTPEC) chip, optimized for network video. It is a chip developed by Axis Communications that powers an array of new capabilities and is instilled in the Axis network cameras. 


Axis Communications positions itself as a premium brand and its customers and channel partners are aware of the core brand values that its products deliver. The company leverages this positioning as part of its brand strategy. It continues to augment the core value of its brand by reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) thereby complying with global benchmarking standards. Axis products are positioned as integrated end to end solutions. As a premium brand, the kind of quality it offers in all its products are easily compatible across other installed products to design a complete solution which caters to the end customer requirements.

At the same time Axis Communications creates awareness by conducting events and seminars for end users and partners, where it tries to showcase that city surveillance is going beyond the camera and that the company is now integrating audios and sensors to it. The need addressed here is about integrating it in an open way where control and command can make all these different parts work together. 


Technology in today’s world is something that changes by the second. In a way it has become all pervasive and is integrated with everyday lives.  As the surveillance systems are migrating to the network, it has become even more challenging and important to keep a check on cyber security. 

In India, the enterprise AI market is heading towards much wider adoption and is being used as an embedded product along with other hardware-based products. In the surveillance industry too, AI will be a game changer. Axis Communications is innovating its solutions rapidly and working closely with its channel partners and system integrators to provide the best solutions for end users. 


Cybersecurity is a constant focus for Axis Communications and is more crucial than ever before. It has always maintained a No Backdoor Policy standard in all its product lines. It has a very strong competitive advantage in the current market situation, as it is one of the few manufacturers with its very own system-on-chip – ARTPEC chip. This essentially means that Axis Communications has  complete control over every single transistor in the product line, which instils trust and a higher level of cybersecurity for all its clients.


Axis Communications optimizes a lot on its manufacturing. It designs the products and software but gives it to a third party to manufacture it.   It has different product series like P-series and M-series that are sold majorly in emerging markets and are designed for particular segments like PPOG, Critical infrastructure education, manufacturing, retail and hospitality. However, Digital India is not about bringing down the prices but about where they are manufactured. The main purpose of Digital India and Make in India is to bring about the vendor’s commitment. The place of manufacturing does not increase the value of the product. It is the solutions that matters the most.



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