L&T Technology Services tapping on upcoming technologies that have huge potential and essential for people’s welfare  


L&T Technology Services tapping on upcoming technologies that have huge potential and essential for people’s welfare  

Dr. Keshab Panda
CEO & MD  -  L&T Technology Services


Key Priorities of 2020
The world has undergone a massive transformation in the past few months - during these unprecedented times, companies globally are rapidly evolving to have the right technology, operational strategy and innovation plan in place to adapt with the changes. With virtual becoming the new normal at LTTS, we have laid down detailed guidelines for handling office equipment, confidentiality and data privacy norms, work hours, and expectations on productivity. We are constantly engaging in virtual meetings and presentations with our customers and supporting our employees with the necessary infrastructure for minimal business disruption and smoother transition of employees from worksites to homes.


LTTS has rolled out services and solutions aligned to F.R.U.G.A.L Manufacturing in order to deliver services remotely through data and cloud platforms, reduce design timelines, and increase production throughput for manufacturers. We are also exploring new models for the future, known as WFX or Work from Anywhere, which will allow employees to work from anywhere on the planet as long as they are connected with the company network.


Combining Breakthrough & Fusion approach
“Fusion” and “breakthrough” are the stepping stones to technological evolution. It is because of these factors, humanity has been able to take massive technological strides and flourished in a very short period of time and today, without it, we cannot imagine a future. As such, technology companies need to be explorers and innovating better products and services. We call this approach Renewing the Old (Fusion) and Building the New (Breakthrough).


Cyber Security
At LTTS, we have set up a full-fledged cyber security practice to integrate cyber security with all our services and solutions. For example, our engineers are offering end-to-end vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for automotive products, at vehicle and software based components. We help our customers across industries to evaluate attack surfaces for their products, create threat models, define security requirements, design security architecture and help them in implementation and verification (penetration test) of their products. LTTS follows the DevSecOps approach to ensure security is embedded throughout the life cycle of the product.


“At LTTS, we offer innovative design and development solutions to clients across the entire value chain of product development and cater to all major industries. Our goal is to increase access to resources, foster equality, and enhance efficiency.
Our researches have led to the development of a compact, cost-effective surgical robot, India’s first indigenous blood cell counter, the smartest campus in the World, World’s first autonomous welding robot and the world’s first hybrid aircraft engine.
We are also tapping into upcoming technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence, collaborative robots, digital factories and autonomous vehicles, which have huge potential and are essential for the benefit of the people.”


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