ESDS Embraces SOAR to Fortify its Security Operations


ESDS Embraces SOAR to Fortify its Security Operations

Dr. Rajeev Papneja
Chief Growth Officer
ESDS Software Solution


Key Priorities of 2020
ESDS is a leading Digital Transformation catalyst delivering advanced technology solutions to fulfil business needs. Automation is the key to productivity at ESDS. Automation has helped us free the resources at various levels. Alongside, ESDS has created an environment for greater collaboration amongst its employees that helps bridge communication gaps amongst teams. ESDS promotes innovative venues for employees to come together and discuss ideas, create something new, and/or collaboratively find a solution to challenging problems.  


When we talk about Security, it is a no brainer that in today’s world, threats are more dynamic, fast-moving, and highly unpredictable for legacy and manual approaches to keep up with, than ever before. In the digital world, success requires organizational speed
and agility and for that, we need to take a different approach—one that embraces a comprehensive view of security architecture with new technology assumptions to make our organizations more secure, even as we use technology to surface new business opportunities. Cloud models (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS) and anywhere/anytime connectivity are changing the technology paradigm, delivering breakthrough capabilities faster, cheaper, and with a smaller technology footprint.


Taking an automated, software-based approach to security is in keeping with one of the important trends rippling across the technology spectrum today, which is the shift to “software-defined” models. Datacentres have evolved from a “physical, active-passive device”
approach to “always-available software-defined solutions” at each layer and we are keeping up with the trend. ESDS has embraced SOAR to make its Security Operations even more robust.


Cyber Security
There may be disagreement amongst the most important cyber security threats, but what is more important is the part which everyone agrees on, and that is about the increase in the number of attacks, frequency of attacks and severity of attacks. “As AI adoption in
cyber security expands, security concerns around AI bias will grow. As security teams’ use of AI continues to grow, they will need to monitor and manage potential bias in their AI models to avoid security blind spots that result in missed threats or more false positives.


We will see threat actors use deep fakes as a tactic for corporate cyberattacks and that’s where the money is for cyber crooks. Organizations will need to keep validation technology up-to-date; the same tools that people use to create deep fakes will be the ones used to detect them, so it’ll be an arms race for who can use the technology first. Cybercriminals will turn to blockchain platforms for their transactions in the underground while the good guys are trying to do the same to protect their transactions. Vulnerabilities in containers, serverless, IoT and other emerging technologies is definitely a major concern. Organizations need to embrace SOAR as part of their SecOps.

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