Adlabs entertainment using technologies to transform customer experience in amusement parks


Adlabs entertainment using technologies to transform customer experience in amusement parks

Lakshmana Vadaga 
Head - IT
Adlabs Entertainment

The common guest pain points are all too familiar to anyone who has been to an Amusement park: long lines, high ticket costs, anxieties about losing the kids, weather-related closures, and mechanical over-scripted staff. Here are the technologies with the most potential to transform the overall customer experience -


Wearable technology
We noticed that the park experience needed shaking up. ‘Intent to return’ numbers were declining along with other key guest metrics. After a thorough evaluation of the entire guest experience, we developed the MagicBand, an RFID bracelet that lets guests pay for food and merchandise, be identified, and even help Cast Members locate the parents of lost children.


Time and location management
Most guests are aware that they will need some sort of a strategy in order to make sure they are using their time effectively. Reducing the time spent waiting in lines and finding the quickest ways to get between rides and food are both key strategies to getting the most value out of their day. We incorporated time management in our Mobile app. If the waiting times are at each ride is taking more time, it suggest them to upgrade the ticket or guide them to go for another ride which is taking lesser time or direct them to go to other activities.


Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a way for theme parks to have ‘conversations’ with guests when people aren’t around. By using vast amounts of data, machines can make intelligent recommendations and offer useful information based on a guest’s query. We have implemented chat-bot in our mobile app which uses AI for answering to the guest queries.


• Real time guest engagement on social media
There was a point in time where even the existence of social media seemed to be threatening the future of theme parks – the current generation simply has more entertainment available to them all the time through technology. Theme parks, however, have come to realize that there is an opportunity to make the experience richer by incorporating the same technologies that people use at home and while at the park.

• Manpower Management

Digital Business Transformation is disrupting businesses in every industry by breaking down barriers between people, businesses and things. We are able to create new products, services and find more efficient ways of doing business. These innovations are happening across organizations of all types.


Project: We implemented, automated manpower deployment application, which enables existing staff to re-locate them based on Guest movement or crowded areas. And also this tool tells us in advance guest arrival at the park for next two days based on that, we hire the manpower as per the requirement. This tool works on GPS based application (IoT).


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