Legal Tussle among MyGate and NoBroker starts over the Data theft


Legal Tussle among MyGate and NoBroker starts over the Data theft

NoBroker has filed an FIR against MyGate, alleging that the latter has stolen proprietary customer database of NoBrokerHood. Please find MyGate’s official response to the same. Feel free to reach out to us in case you would like to pursue this story. Do let us know if you require the legal notice or the FIR copy of the same.


“Over the past several months, we have received numerous complaints from our employees as well as our customers regarding NoBroker’s unethical and illegal acts. We were informed that NoBroker is stealing contact details of our customers; threatening and attempting to bribe our employees with an intent to illegally obtain confidential information; making unsolicited calls to MyGate’s customers by using the stolen data; and spreading false/baseless rumours about MyGate services whilst unethically creating business opportunities for themselves. We were shocked by these incidents.


After conducting an internal investigation, we issued a legal notice to NoBroker and its Management/Board through our Advocates, on 12th June. Surprisingly, NoBroker chose to remain silent and did not even bother to respond to our legal notice. We have now provided all the evidence (including voice/audio recordings/text messages etc.), of the above incidents to the Police authorities along with a Complaint, basis which an FIR was registered on 19th June 2020 by the Cyber Crime Police Station, C.I.D, Bengaluru. We will ensure that all legal steps are taken, as appropriate, to ensure that MyGate’s rights are protected. We also sincerely thank all our esteemed customers for having supported us by reporting any/all such unethical business practices of NoBrokerHood.” – Vijay Arisetty, CEO, Co-Founder, MyGate

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