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Technology - Past, Present and Future redefines the potential & efficiency of doing business  


Technology - Past, Present and Future redefines the potential & efficiency of doing business  

Vivekananda Naskar, Director – IT, India, Protegrity


Technology blueprint for year ahead
We have adopted a multi-dimensional approach to increase efficiency and productivity. Key approaches are:
• Identified the right tools that are just right for the functionalities we need without any add-on feature set that is not needed or seldom used.
• Considering to put some amount of automation in place to increase efficiency and accuracy
• Trying to reduce the time we spend for password management
• Utilizing all the features of the existing tools to get better ROI from every tool we procured


Latest technologies influencing growth
Instead of looking for new technologies, we are trying to make sure to utilise every tool to its full potential. Hence increasing value addition from every tool and reducing overall cost. We look for any new technology which gives us very good competitive advantage and absolutely higher efficiency.


Fortifying organization from cyber threats
Few effective and simple actions can keep us safe, while using any emerging or existing technology:
• First follow the security recommendations for the tool provided by the Tool Developer
• Provide access to the new tool with minimum requirement and then scale it up
• Put a robust backup process in place and safeguard the backed up data
• Keep the process simple and efficient
• Educate users about potential risks & threats and their mitigation


We need to make sure to provide the promised features in an efficient and effective manner, when we provide technology or tools on demand. It should be matching the committed features we published for a tool or technology. Initial features to be highly useful and compact. Later it can be scaled up to an enhanced feature list.

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