Encouraging innovation at all levels: Biggest differentiator of Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic


Encouraging innovation at all levels: Biggest differentiator of Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

How important is Digital Transformation for your own organization?


Someone has rightly said “change begins at home”, as a premier systems integrator it becomes imperative to our success that we transform business operations to our advantage. The real differentiator lies in adopting and implementing the technology innovations in our ecosystem. Digital transformation has enabled better employee collaboration, increased resilience and helped in data driven decision making in our organization. Our continuous drive to consolidate company processes and operations has unlocked the potential to engage with our customers and deliver solutions that create value.


How have you geared your organization for this transformation? What are the latest technologies that you have adopted in recent times?


The organizations should contemplate three-sixty-degree perspective while gearing up for transformation which includes, people, processes and customers. We are leveraging the business intelligence to optimize strategy and pulling together data to help drive the transformation. Furthermore, organization wide implementation of collaborative technologies to boost employee productivity and teamwork. Emphasis on the customer experience by augmenting our managed services twenty-four by seven with advanced NOC and SOC solutions.


Mention one technology adopted by your organization that has helped you to offer better service to your customers.


The collaboration between IT & OT solutions has helped our customers leverage reliable technology within their organization. Our notable engagements with customers include some of the prestigious projects such as big data and analytics implementation in power utility, empowering digital education in state of Rajasthan, consolidation and expansion of infrastructure for the leading banks and implementing digital solutions for railways. We boast of our experience in implementation solutions from, BFSI, state governments, manufacturing, logistics, PSUs, Healthcare to IT/ITES. Our impeccable understanding of each industry and architecting the solutions based on their requirements has led to long term association with customers.


Please mention the key differentiation factor of your organization in this crowded market place.


The digital buzzword surrounds us all the time, the need for differentiation become more significant to break the clutter. The biggest differentiator is encouraging the innovation at all levels right from employees, customers, distributors, partners to stakeholders within and outside the organization. Simplifying and Modernizing operational processes; mobilizing businesses by transforming the digital experience and developing enhanced security architecture – user access, data security, governance and compliance. Based on our experience the emergent nature of technological innovations means that harnessing them is a journey, not a destination— as an organization we are continuously repositioning, reevaluating and regrouping our digital strategies to stay relevant in new era of competition and growth.


Who are the key vendors you have engaged for Digital Transformation and Business Transformation?


While there is no denying that strategic partnerships are helping us to drive digital transformation, we believe in leveraging the ecosystem which can majorly contribute to delivering value faster to ensure a win-win sustainable journey. However, our value addition through managed services is making the difference to drive the business transformation which enables customers to improve their operational processes to balance incremental growth.


Tarun Seth
MD, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

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