At Commvault, Customer is at the core of everything


At Commvault, Customer is at the core of everything

Ramesh Mamgain
Area Vice President of Sales
India & SAARC – Commvault


A Data Revolution
Today data is everywhere. Especially in India, the digitalization journey Indian citizens are going through is immense. Government initiatives like digital India, smart cities have further added to proliferation of data. New age technologies such as 5G will also lead to further explosion of data as it will break down many barriers and let customers work much closer with businesses, opening up  multiple ways to perform tasks.

In this new India, Commvault can help prospective customers manage the growing data, find the right place to protect it based on the type of data that exists inside of their company. It has given its existing customers the ability to truly access the information whether it’s through a store or an archive, solve their critical pain points, take care of them and finally win their trust. Apart from this, over the past few years Commvault has helped them secure that in a way that is compliant with regulations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Customers today are much more aware about cyber-attacks. However they still lack understanding of tools to be used to secure their data. The only key to solving this problem is digital literacy. Awareness about the risks of cyber-attacks aren’t enough; consumers need to be informed about general data protection tools such as - having an end to end data protection solution, using strong firewalls and anti-virus systems.

Commvault feels that the media, government and technology companies have an integral role to play. Media needs to report more about how consumers can keep their data safe and why they need to take cyber-attacks more seriously. Government needs to adopt a stronger policy on unlawful monetization of user data and companies can conduct awareness camps around the same. Unfortunately few companies realize the importance of their data only once they have lost it. Therefore a proactive Data Protection approach, rather than a reactive approach is always recommended.


2019 - a year of experience economy

At Commvault, customer is at the heart of everything. It has got an incredible platform, an incredible set of capabilities and customer’s trust. The portfolio it has today is in the right space; it addresses all the problems which customers are facing and more importantly, what is shaping the future. In many ways, Commvault is getting ready for the new India.

For Commvault it is about the data; it's about driving value from the data, to make customer experience even more smoother. The data explosion around means that Commvault is in a very strong position and it is able to show it can manage and secure data and it is about helping customers do more with their information and making the world better.

Commvault believes that the growing competition will only ensure that the customer gets the best solution. Therefore it wishes to focus on its own strengths as its ultimate motive is to make the customer’s job easy and help them to get their job done.

While some of the competitors may speak of moving a petabyte of data, Commvault manages up to Exabytes of data for its consumers.

Besides managing huge volume of data, Commvault’s robust programs like the Partner First Approach, its multicloud capabilities and use of new age technologies is what sets it apart.


Business growth drivers
The key growth triggers to Commvault’s business are –

• Increased compliance by government: At a macro level, regulations around data protection seem to be working for a company like Commvault, because companies now want to ensure they comply with the rules set by the government to keep customer’s data. Besides this, increased awareness around having a robust data protection and recovery framework has also increased over the last few years.

• Digital transformation, boom of e-commerce and cyber security risks: All the industries today are undergoing digital transformation. With customers and businesses going online to buy and sell products/services, risks of cyber-attacks are also increasing. Therefore, there is a need for trusted brands like Commvault, who can keep data safe.

• Data explosion: Easy accessibility to the internet, increased consumption of data over the net, Government’s initiative such as Smart City and Digital India are leading to a data explosion. Therefore, creating a need for technologies which can help manage this data.

• The evolving role of buyers: Today IT decisions are not just made by CIOs or CTOs of organizations. They are made by any CXO who needs technology to solve his business problems. The role of a CIO or CTO also has gone through a transformation. They don’t anymore work as techies who can only solve technology related issues, they are now at the center making decisions to ensure operational efficiency and profitability.

This in turn helps a brand like Commvault because it understands solutions and the value which it brings to the table.



Name of the CEO :
Sanjay Mirchandani (CEO & President)
Headquarter : Tinton Falls, NJ, United States
Year of inception : 1996
Interesting Facts :
Commvault in February 2019 announced a new market-focused support center in Bangalore, India with tailored support for Indian customers and partners. This is Commvault’s fourth local market support center in the APAC region with others located in Tokyo, Japan, and Beijing and Shanghai, China.


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