Fitbit strives to position itself as a brand for customers who want a healthier lifestyle



Alok Shankar
Country General Manager - India
Fitbit Inc.


Brand Projections 2019

Fitbit continues to innovate and introduce products that are aligned with its vision of making everyone in the world healthier through a diverse product line-up. It believes that one size does not fit all in health and fitness, and so Fitbit’s device and software experiences are designed to fit seamlessly into any lifestyle.
Fitbit offers users a wide array of devices spanning styles, form factors and price points to fit their varying health and fitness needs/goals. It sees an opportunity to continue to bring more consumers into the wearables category with these products. Fitbit offers a best-in-class user experience from its software to the hardware on its wrist to help motivate users on their health and fitness journey, and a supportive social network to help them reach their goals.
Fitbit’s presence is also growing every quarter, thanks to its omni-channel model that allows it to further expand and reach the length and breadth of the country with great partners across offline and online players. In the coming year, Fitbit would continue to make its products more accessible to everyone in India by building on Fitbit experience for its consumers through multiple touch points.
Transforming Customer Journey

Fitbit has always achieved user retention and top of mind recall for more than a decade now. Being a category pioneer, Fitbit believes that it has a deep understanding of what consumers want in a health and fitness device.
Fitbit understands that consumers have a wide range of needs and preferences – from people interested in improving health through everyday activities such as walking to work, to more active consumers looking to maximize their fitness – which is why it offers a vast product line up designed to cater to varied needs and requirements. It delivers what consumers want – newer, smarter, more engaging, more fashionable devices at competitive price points.
Action Plan
The strategy for 2019 is to educate the masses about the product and the key differentiators that make it stand apart in the market. Fitbit enjoys its strong acceptance in India and has been well received by consumers. Fitbit believes that fitness is for everybody and should not be restricted to the physical appearance.
Broadly speaking, Fitbit is targeting the people who are busy but squeezing fitness into their schedule and it continues to expand its retail footprint, drive strong marketing and PR and launch new products to strengthen its market position. 
New Tech vis-á-vis R&D
Over the past few years, India has been undergoing a major change in terms of awareness in the health and fitness space. Fitbit believes a healthier, more active lifestyle is within reach and that has caught the consumers’ attention.
The solution that Fitbit has created – the Fitbit platform – enabling people to be more active, exercise more, sleep better and manage their weight is ideal for people in India, and taps into the growing focus on personal wellness. Fitbit believes that users are more likely to reach goals if they are encouraged to have fun, smile, and feel empowered along the way.

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