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Sundaresan Kanappan
Vice President and Country General Manager India - Tech Data


Brand Projections 2019

Tech Data’s strategy is to Move to Higher Value; Invest in next-gen technologies like Hybrid Cloud Data (Analytics, IoT), Security and Services; Strengthen its end-to-end portfolio; Transform Tech Data digitally; Optimize its global footprint in Services, Support and Business Optimization.

For FY2019-20, Tech Data chose to focus on its strengths including its next-generation technology solutions, its ability to drive business transformation for its customers and growth for customers and vendors, and supported this with its promise of integrity, expertise and excellence.


Transforming Customer Journey

Tech Data is focused on executing four growth strategies that will ensure Tech Data remains a vital link in the IT ecosystem well into the future and thus “improving the customer journey”.

Its growth strategy is enhanced by its solutions specialist approach which enables customers to capitalize on the high growth, and next-generation technologies that are redefining the future. Tech Data’s marketing team is also focused on driving enhanced results for its customer and vendor partners. This encompasses creating innovative programs and services focused on high-growth markets that help partners grow their businesses, and driving demand creation and lead generation initiatives which enable partners to unlock new revenue opportunities.


Security Action Plan

Tech Data has a very comprehensive Cybersecurity & Acceptable Use Policy which is a foundational element of Tech Data’s information security strategy, designed to keep company, employee and customer information secure in all transactions and business activities. It contains common-sense rules and guidelines relevant to the users of Tech Data’s IT Systems. The policy further provides with the understanding needed to fulfil that responsibility effectively.


New Tech vis-á-vis R&D

For Tech Data, newer or disruptive technology presents the company with some exciting opportunities. From emerging technologies like IoT and analytics to changes in consumption models, these trends change the way it operates and open the door to new revenue opportunities for Tech Data and its partners.

Tech Data’s consultative approach enables to dive deep into customers’ business today and uncover the best way for them to evolve and take advantage of the opportunities out there. This way they can focus on their core strengths and leverage its vendor portfolio, capabilities and services to take their business to the next level.

Tech Data is also continuously focused on driving innovation and transforming its business so that it can better serve its partners better. Research and development play an important role in determining its strategy, and helps it to evolve to ensure it delivers the best possible service and outcomes for those Tech Data does business with.


Name of the CEO :
Rich Hume

Interesting Facts :
• Tech Data has signed a distribution agreement with Fujitsu India that will see Tech Data distribute the entire Fujitsu India’s portfolio of IT products, solutions and related services to their valued customers in India.

• Tech Data has signed a distribution agreement with 7SIGNAL to distribute the  latter’s entire range of innovative Wi-Fi performance solutions to their customers  across India.

• Tech Data has partnered with sales orchestration solution provider FusionGrove  to address the growing complexity in B2B technology buying. Tech Data and  FusionGrove will deliver a unique, data-driven sales acceleration solution that
    helps vendors and resellers achieve faster revenue attainment.

• Tech Data has announced that their Global Computing Components (GCC)  business has signed a distribution agreement with Mellanox Technologies in  India that will enable Tech Data GCC to offer the full line of Mellanox network
    adapters, switches, system-on-a-chip and network processors, cables and  transceivers, and software to their customers.

The path-breaking products/solutions from last FY :

• Tech Data has announced the launch of its Australian B2B eCommerce site, (Shop), specifically designed for its channel partners.

• Tech Data has launched its StreamOne Cloud Marketplace in India, the  provisioning, billing and end-user lifecycle management digital platform that  allows partners to scale, launch and manage a broad range of cloud services


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