2019 going to be highly critical for Check Point from a security perspective



Bhaskar Bakthavatsalu
Managing Director
Check Point India


Brand Projections 2019

Check Point is a highly consumer-centric company that addresses the security needs of enterprises of all scales. Its ability and depth of offerings that come from more than two decades of being in the security space differentiates Check Point from the rest.

The year 2019 is highly critical for Check Point as new, sophisticated fifth-generation cyber security threats across the globe are taking place. Its strategy for this year is to focus on new technologies that are equipped to protect both mobile and cloud networks. Check Point has been dedicated to providing customers with uncompromised, innovative protection against all types of threats, reducing security complexity and lowering total cost of ownership. This focus purely on security is the foundation for its success.


Transforming Customer Journey

The buying experience is among the most important differentiator in both sales & marketing irrespective of the industry. It is all about going to lengths to understand customer’s needs and requirements in order to deliver a great experience. As customers become more aware, their expectations for scalable end-to-end seamless experience increases. In the current competitive and progressive environment, every phase of the buyers’ journey is created – be it from awareness to consideration along with after sales support while addressing their security pain points effectively.

Check Point offers the largest security technology portfolio to the industry. Its single-architecture, integrated, intelligence-driven solutions protect customers from the data center to the cloud and all points in between. This gives customers the freedom to create, grow and transform their businesses securely, by protecting them against current and potential attacks across all their networks, virtual, cloud, remote office and mobile environments.

Check Point is focused at every stage of buyer journey from awareness to post purchase. It is a more consultative approach that it adopts to understand the need, tailor makes and implements the solutions, giving the customer a seamless experience throughout their journey.


Security Action Plan
Security is continually cited as a key barrier to wide-spread enterprise cloud adoption. As enterprises continue to put more data (at rest & in motion) on the cloud, network and end applications, the traditional security perimeter is proving to be ineffective, providing a backdoor for hackers to access enterprise systems.

Check Point’s algorithms can analyze millions of known indicators of compromise and hunt for additional similar ones. As a result, it is able to produce an additional threat intelligence feed that offers first-time prevention of attacks that Check Point has never seen before. Its philosophy has always been to work closely with the channel partner community and its market strategy is consciously aligned to making customers more security aware and make them proactively deploy the latest in security and enabling them to proactively secure themselves.

Organizations are today facing 5th generation attacks, whereas enterprises are protected with only 2nd or 3rd generation security. It is very important therefore to educate enterprises on the rising concerns and ways to prevent it.

The Check Point Ethos is “Prevention Not Detection”, because once Malware is inside, it’s already too late. Today’s cyber-attacks are the most advanced and impactful, while the security deployed by most businesses are generations behind and incapable of protecting against such attacks. Check Point is the only leading cyber security vendor for over 25 years, and is the only company that provides effective security to prevent 5th generation cyber-attacks and whatever comes next.


CEO                       :
Gil Shwed
Presence in India : Bengaluru
Year of inception  : 1993

Interesting Facts:
• Check Point Software to acquire Dome9 to transform Cloud Security
• Check Point Software acquires ForceNock, a Web Application and API Protection start-up



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